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Highway 24 Information In Carteret County NC – Neighborhoods, Discussions, Traffic, And Homes

Highway 24 in Carteret County NC is a major road that runs from Morehead City, through Newport, Bogue, Cape Carteret, and finally Cedar Point where it continues on in to Onslow County and Swansboro.

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Carteret County highway aerial view
Immediate News And Information

This section is reserved for breaking news related to traffic accidents, road closures, road work and improvements, evacuations, and other incidents locally.

May 19, 2021 – Morehead City Council members heard arguments on a request to rezone 23 acres of land to make way for subdivision development. At the meeting, a large group of concerned citizens voiced several concerns about the rezoning request, of which one was traffic congestion and the speed limit on this highway. During the meeting, council members agreed to request with NCDOT that the speed limit from the intersection with Highway 70 extending out to McCabe Rd be decreased to 45 miles per hour.

February 5, 2020

Unconfirmed reports of a three vehicle accident slowing traffic in the eastbound lane. Reportedly, this is near the small bridge just before Croatan High School. People reporting this accident say that fire and rescue is on the scene. We will update this as we learn more.

Highway 24 in Carteret County is a likely area for the possibility of a future 3rd Bogue Banks bridge going over to Indian Beach or Salter Path. This area is also ripe for significant growth and development related to an increase in population and technology from the Interstate 42 project. Use the discussion form below to have conversations on these issues or others.

Neighborhoods and Subdivisions: Pauline Bell Heirs, Hestron Executive Plaza, Spooners Creek North, Woodridge, Spooners Creek East, Landsdale, Phillips Landing, Bay Colony, Camp Morehead By the Sea, Vickers Partition, Bogue Village at Brandywine Bay, Village Green, Bay Club at Brandywine Bay, Oak Drive Extension, Brandywine Place, Pine Bluff, Brandywine Bay, Bogue Landing, Craig Willis, Pinewood, Gull Harbor, Vaughan, Twin Oaks, Dutchmans Corner, Paradise East, Soundview, Sound Drive, Twin Oaks Estates North, Breakwater, Somerset Plantation, Barnsfield, Hickory Landing, Trailwood, W.P. Taylor, Theodore Sharpe Properties, Old Oaks, Florida Park, R.M. Brakefield, Buena Vista, E.F. Oglesby, Spring Run, Deep Bay, Village 24, A.R. Paulson, Johnson Minor, Robert and Hyacinth Rice, Don Acres, Hibbs, Mindak Acres, Taylor Heirs, Ray Talton, Bluewater Breeze, T.S. Dixon, Fox Lair, Joshua Salter, Pender Park Campground, Herring, Rollingwood, Adams Harbour, Broad Creek Estates, Pearson, Cottage Pointe, John E. Barbour Heirs, Bogue Sound Yacht Club, Blue Heron Bay, Island View Shores, Bogue Watch, Cannonsgate, A.M. Weeks Heirs, Daisy Sanders Koonce Heirs, Bogue Forest, Elis Landing, Goose Creek Park, John L. Russell, Curtis, Hugh D. Smith, Bayshore Park, Preps Inc, Carteret Crossing Shopping Center, Magens Bay, John S. Jones, James D. Guthrie, M. Bailey Barrow, and G. Cannon Smith.

Major Intersections: Highway 70, Brandywine Boulevard, McCabe Road, Hibbs Road, 9 Mile Road, Broad Creek Loop Road, Bogue Loop Road, Taylor Notion Road, WB McLean Drive, Highway 58, and Cedar Point Boulevard.

Cities, Towns, and Major Landmarks: Cedar Point, Cape Carteret, Bogue, Newport, Morehead City, Lowes Home Improvement, Walgreens, Dollar General, White Oak Elementary School, U.S. Marine Corps Bogue Auxiliary Landing Field, ST Wooten Corporation, Broad Creek, Whispering Pines RV Park and Campground, Croatan High School, Broad Creek Middle School, Bogue Sound Elementary School, Gales Creek, Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter, Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative, Gethsemane Cemetery, and Walmart Supercenter.

Located in Carteret County and the 252 Area Code.

Bodies Of Water: Bogue Sound, White Oak River.


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2 thoughts on “Highway 24 Information In Carteret County NC – Neighborhoods, Discussions, Traffic, And Homes

  • February 26, 2021 at 2:42 pm

    There is several issues with the construction plans for the property in front of the Subdivision Fox Lair on Hwy 24. The owners have already torn down the forest area in front of the Subdivision, tore down the Subdivision sign on Hwy 24. The community has now been left exposed to the Hwy 24 traffic and sounds. There has been no plans for a privacy wall or sound barrier to protect the resident. There has already been an issue with flooding due to the removal of the forest area and dirt. The construction has also not made plans to install gullies or drainage with the removal of the forest area on the outside of the property lines adjacent to Hwy 24.

    • May 5, 2021 at 5:13 pm

      Barbara, what’s the latest on this construction?


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