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Home Builders In Carteret County NC – Information Discussions

Given the current state of Carteret County NC growth and development, we want this to be an ongoing discussion thread relating to local home builders, construction companies, skilled trades, and the impacts of needed housing and other commercial developments in this community for the future.

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Suggested topics can include the need for skilled labor, building techniques for coastal regions, jobs, areas where housing and commercial development are likely to be heaviest, local contractors, and other information affecting Morehead City, Beaufort, Newport, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and places down east near Harkers Island and Cedar Island.

Anything construction related is welcomed.

Carteret County NC Home Builders And Construction Companies Discussions

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Interstate 42 and Military Expansion

While growth and development has always been modest in our county, the realization of Interstate 42 and military expansion at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point is changing things greatly. New businesses are moving in to the area, the population is growing, and there is a new influx of tourist in to our local area, beaches, and islands.

With that, new home construction and new commercial construction is already underway, especially in the western part of Carteret County. Currently, this can be found along Highway 24 between Newport and Cape Carteret, but we envision new residential developments kicking off soon along Highway 101, in Mill Creek, and near the Craven County line and Lake Rd.

Additional areas for new construction is likely for Highway 58 in Stella and Peletier.

Even before 2020, there was a call by building companies needing more skilled workers.

In what county locations do you see there being considerable new growth for homes and commercial businesses? Which areas do you think should be off-limits?

Add New Jobs Or Resume

In the section below, we’ll discuss the creation of new jobs and skilled workers within construction companies and home builders, education programs to attract and prepare people for these jobs, and impacts on the environment.

Local Construction And Skilled Trades Future Impacts

Using the discussion form below, let us hear your insights on new construction jobs, how growth and development will impact educational programs and the economy, where local builders are finding current workers, and how all of this new development will impact coastal habitats and ecosystems which makes our area very unique.

How are local municipal leaders and Carteret County NC commissioners going to react to an explosion in home building and commercial development, a much larger population, while still keeping our water clean, pollution off our beaches and barrier islands, and protecting coastal marshlands and habitats?

Talk With County Commissioners

Who are some local municipal leaders, government officials, home builders, and construction companies that are talking about new building in Carteret County, and who are also talking about doing so in a way which maintains and protects the environment?

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