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Housing Prices In Carteret County NC – Public Discussion For Buyers And Sellers

Public discussions on current and future housing prices in Carteret County NC for sellers and buyers of local properties to discuss economic conditions, new construction, existing homes, and which communities stand to see the brunt of housing related valuation as Interstate 42 comes onboard, new industry moves in to the county, and area military bases grow.

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Historically, the buying and selling of properties locally has always been set by the area being a beach community with lots of waterfront homes and a place for people who want a second vacation home at the beach. Other factors include buyers who take advantage of high paying federal jobs at Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune.

However, as the new Interstate 42 project comes online which will provide for a faster travel time to the local area from Raleigh, Durham, and other cities in the Triad, economic projections for the Crystal Coast indicate that a new housing boom is set to take place over the next ten years as the population nearly doubles. This will mean more people living in the area, more people establishing businesses, more people shopping and wanting second homes, and more people who will continue to seek employment at area military bases as they grow.

Each of these aspects will have considerable influences on housing valuation. In this article, we are interested in hearing from current owners of properties in the area, prospective buyers, real estate agents and other professionals, and investors about the future of prices of homes in the county be it existing properties or new construction.


Given the projected completion of Interstate 42, continued growth of local military bases, new businesses flourishing in the area, and a new people discovering tourism opportunities in the area, which of these factors have the greatest potential to either positively or negatively affect housing prices? Which has the least potential to influence prices?

Historically, absent these factors, what has the valuation growth rate been locally? How do you see that changing given the factors above?

What is the future as it relates to existing homes or new construction over the next ten years?

If you are a potential buyer of a property in our local community, what are your reasons for wanting to own a home here or invest in a home here?

If you are a seller, are you considering selling property here or maintaining your ownership? Why?

As a business investor, what factors do you see influencing the area?

If you are an entrepreneur, is now a good time to consider starting a company in Carteret County NC as it relates to construction trades, engineering, or technology?

While coastal regions and high traffic tourism centers have always seen higher than average housing prices compared to other regions, will this continue to be the same looking ten years out? Is there any reason to believe that the disparity in prices of homes in waterfront areas compared to land locked mainland prices to be more diverse within the county?

What are some other factors that we did not discuss in this article which have the potential to positively or negatively affect valuation of properties in Carteret County?

Is now a good time to invest in becoming a real estate agent or other professional in this industry?

If you use the discussion form below, please indicate in your position statement if your perspective is that of a buyer, seller, investor, business owner, or someone who simply enjoys visiting our local beaches.

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