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Hurricane Dorian Ocracoke Island Flooding, Damage, Surge in 2019. Disaster Recovery Efforts

On September 6, 2019, Hurricane Dorian slammed in to Ocracoke Island NC with her full fury, unleashing a tremendous flooding event, wind damage, and storm surge to this Outer Banks island in Eastern NC. In the wake of this tragedy, we are learning that the upper right quadrant of Dorian persisted over Ocracoke bringing sustained winds of 90 mph with gusts nearing 110 mph.

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While the wind damage was significant, the main tragedy seems to be the massive storm surge and flooding that has buckled roads and trapped people in their attics as waters rose. Currently, the entire island is without electricity going on 3 days, waters are still very high, major roads on the island are still impassable, and there is a massive outpouring of emergency response and disaster recovery descending on Ocracoke to help locals get medical attention, food, water, and supplies.

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While the Outer Banks is no stranger to hurricanes, Dorian seemed to have caught Ocracoke off-guard with her storm surge and heavy rains that sat over the area for many hours.

The main goal of this article is to learn about emergency response and disaster recovery efforts from people who are on the ground, and to get comments from people living on Ocracoke Island about their experiences during this storm.

Additionally, if you are organizing some type of humanitarian food and supply drive to this community, then please use the comment form below and we will add it to the main article.

We do know that as of September 9, 2019, all ferry service is suspended while a state of emergency is still in effect for the island. We know that the Coast Guard is bringing in manpower, supplies, and airlifting the elderly and medically vulnerable off the island.

We can see on Facebook and Twitter that many surrounding communities on the Outer Banks are organizing fund raising campaigns to assist in recovery efforts.

Officials in Ocracoke are asking people to make official donations and support to the Outer Banks Community Foundation.

Using the comment form below, what other efforts are happening in Ocracoke tonight and are planned for 2-3 weeks down the road?

What roads on this island are currently damaged? How many structures on the island are damaged so bad that they are uninhabitable?

What was the estimated storm surge level? Was there a mandatory evacuation ordered by county and local officials?

What federal and state agencies are currently on the ground assisting with disaster recovery?

In the future, and given Hurricane Dorian, what types of preemptive efforts should be in place for future storms like this one to mitigate damage?

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