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Information On Merrimon NC In Eastern Carteret County

The Town of Merrimon NC is an unincorporated area in Northeast Carteret County that is surrounded by the Neuse River, Adams Creek, and South River.

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along adams creek neuse river

Town Government: Merrimon is unincorporated, thus all government is handled by the Carteret County Commissioners. Law enforcement is handled by the local Sheriff’s Department, EMS is handled by the county, and fire is supported by Beaufort NC.

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Waterways: The Neuse River is the largest body of water to the North, with South River to the East and Adams Creek to the West.

Surrounding Cities: Beaufort is the largest city with South River being the next largest community. Merrimon is very isolated with only one road leading in to the area.

Demographics: According to the latest Census information, there are 651 people that live in the town, but this population is likely to be bigger during the Summer months and Winter when tourist season is in full swing. For winter, the area population likely swells given duck hunters that visit the area to hunt.

The community is largely residential, with several vacation homes in the community that are not occupied outside of tourist season. Again, the area is largely a fishing community, duck hunting area, and boating area for people that love to explore very remote locations along the Pamlico Sound estuaries and rivers that branch from it.

There is very little industry except for a few small convenience stores in this community.

The only road in to the area is from Beaufort NC and called Merrimon Road.

With water on three sides, this town is well known to flood during prolonged heavy rains, tropical storms, and hurricanes.


Other than the few convenience stores we mention, are there any other businesses in the area that visitors can use? Are there any family owned motels, grocery stores, or bait and tackle stores that the fishing community can use?

Where in the community are there public boat ramps?

Any state parks where people can walk and view local wildlife and nature?

How far up the Neuse River is New Bern NC by boat?

Are there any hunting and fishing guides in the area that visitors can use?

Is South River and Adams Creek navigable by canoe or kayak? What opportunities are there for nature and wildlife photography?

What else did we miss about Merrimon NC in Carteret County?

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