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Information On The NC Aquarium At Pine Knoll Shores In Carteret County

We want this to be a public discussion on the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores in Carteret County. Readers can use the no registration comments form to introduce information on this aquarium. Please be sure to subscribe to replies and to verify your email address to get notifications about reader replies to your content.

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Information we hope to hear about can include hours of operation, admission price, contact information, the best time to visit, the need for reservations, exhibits, education for families and children, camps, programs, and activities, in addition to different types of marine mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish housed at this facility. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how climate change is impacting natural habitats and ecosystems along our coast.

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Additionally, we hope to see detailed discussions related to the rehabilitation and protection of vulnerable sea turtles which call the NC coast home.

NC Aquarium Discussions In Carteret County

How to use the discussion forum: Click on the dropdown sections below to review information about that particular subject, and click the reply link to reply to specific data you want to talk about. Or, use the form at the bottom to add new information to a specific section and we’ll create a reply area for your data.

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Education, Activities, Camps, And Programs

Discussions On Education, Activities, Camps, And Programs

Staff at this facility are always holding various educational opportunities, kids and children activities, holiday themed programs, and camps. We hope you’ll consider talking about them here.

The Shark Tank

Public Forums On The Shark Tank Exhibit

As one of the largest exhibits at this facility, the shark tank features several species of large fish and sharks against the backdrop of a shipwreck.

The Otter Tank

Talk About The Otter Tank

This exhibit is the second largest at the NC aquarium and people can be found sitting for hours watching the otters swim, feed, and play.

Amphibians And Reptiles

Conversations On Amphibians And Reptiles

At this facility, families will find many exhibits housing all different types of amphibians and reptiles which inhabit our coastal region. Let’s talk about them in this section.

Sea Turtles

Protections Of Vulnerable Sea Turtles

This section is devoted to everything about sea turtles, from rescue, protections, their natural habitat for breeding, and various groups in the local area who oversee their nests during nesting season. Let’s talk about sea turtle research in this section.

State Conservation And Habitat Discussions

Marine Mammals

Children And Family Discussions On Coastal Marine Mammals

North Carolina is home to many different marine mammals which call coastal waters, marshlands, maritime forests, estuaries, bays, sounds, and other waterways home. How many can you name?

Climate Change – Protecting Natural Habits and Ecosystems

How Is Climate Change Impacting Habitats And Ecosystems

Climate Change is very real, and it’s impacting all creatures that live on Planet Earth. This section is maintained for ways in which researchers and you can get involved with aquarium staff to help protect the environment and have a positive impact on climate change to protect many of the species found at this facility.

Our State Discussion On Climate Change


This Section Maintained For News


Section For General Conversations

Community of Pine Knoll Shores

The community of Pine Knoll Shores is located on Highway 58 on Bogue Banks and is located between Atlantic Beach and Indian Beach in Carteret County. This community is a popular destination for vacationers who maintain summer homes and visit during the tourism season, and for locals who love living in this quaint community.

Biggest Attractions In NC

Pine Knoll Shores is also home to a robust and active community of volunteers who oversee sea turtle nests during breeding season. And, who help support this local aquarium which has such an impact on the local area.

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