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Jacks Bar In Morehead City NC. Live Music, Dancing, Waterfront View, Pizza Food Truck, And More!

Information on Jacks Bar in Morehead City NC : Offers live music, waterfront view, drink specials, dancing, and a pizza food truck along the downtown waterfront area. This attraction is a very popular place for nightlife and socializing with friends on the weekends. This attraction is easily one of the biggest bars in Carteret County NC square footage wise after new renovations completed in 2017. On nights where they offer live music, there typically is a cover charge. Offers very fast Uber, Lyft, and taxi pickup. Patron and reader discussions and comments are located at the bottom of this article. We will have a video of this establishment soon.

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Convenient location to the Morehead City docks if you are arriving by boat.

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Address: 513 Evans St, Morehead City, NC 28557
Owners: Jeff McCann and wife Keri McCann.

Discussions and Comments

What is the cover charge amount on nights this establishment offers live music? What genre of music does this bar typically have or what genre of music do bands playing here play?

Morehead City Attractions
Tell us more about the atmosphere and layout of this interest. Does this establishment cater mostly to the younger crowd or is there a mix of age ranges?

Carteret County.
What are some tips on parking in the area? What is the cost of pizza at their food truck? Does this attraction offer events or the ability to rent the place for special occasions and events?

Is Jacks Bar open in the off-season, and if so what days are they open and what are their hours of operation?

What days are they open and what are the hours of operation in the Spring and Summer months?

As a band offering live music, what is the process to play here? Is the dance floor separate from the area where live music is played? Is there security at this bar?

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2 thoughts on “Jacks Bar In Morehead City NC. Live Music, Dancing, Waterfront View, Pizza Food Truck, And More!

  • November 14, 2018 at 12:39 pm

    Even if you never go in to the bar, Jacks is a great place to get a late night pizza after everything closes. I can not tell you how many times at 1 am I needed a pizza fix and realized all I had to do was drive to downtown and get one.

  • November 4, 2018 at 8:25 am

    My bar days are over, but Jacks is a great place to get Pizza late at night in the summer after everything closes in Morehead City. It is also a great place to sit outside, listen to the music inside while eating your late night pizza and people watch lol.


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