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Jacksonville NC Hearing Aids Sales, Repairs, Support, And Testing

This article serves as a community forum for readers in the Onslow County and Jacksonville NC community to discuss hearing aids services, sales, repairs, support, and testing in the local area.

Readers are encouraged to use the no registration form below to ask questions of Summer Scozzari who is the owner of Anew Hearing Care, LLC which is located at 445 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC, 28546 and can be reached by calling their phone number at (910) 353-4327.

Contact Summer Scozzari USING THIS FORM.

In addition to Onslow County, Anew Hearing Care, LLC has offices in Beulaville, NC located at 140 East Park Dr, Suite A, Beulaville, NC, 28518 and this office’s phone number is (910) 298-4333.

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Local Area Hearing Aid Business And Military Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand name hearing aids does your local business service? Starkey, Phonak, Oticon, Hansatone, Siemans / Signia, Unitron, Resound, and Widex.

Can I get a free hearing test? Yes, our local staff are happy to offer free hearing tests to local area residents in an effort to help detect any needs you may have. Or, to detect any changes to your hearing since your last visit to a doctor or other licensed healthcare professional.

Can your staff help me learn use use my device? Yes, our staff are highly trained in the use of many models on the market and are happy to help support our products, in addition to providing demonstrations.

Starting A Local Company Information

Does your local business offer supplies and other products to support my care? Anew Hearing Care, LLC is a full service local business working in the local Onslow County and Jacksonville NC communities for 22 years and we offer a wide array of common supplies and products to meet your needs.

Do you do local hearing aid repairs? All of our device repairs are done in the office to minimize the amount of time you’re without the device.

Where can I find device batteries? We offer sales of batteries locally, as well as device chargers, dry storage containers, and cleaning supplies.

What special offers do you have for retired or working civil service workers and military? Clients who have Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) under the federal employee program can get free hearing aids, testing, demonstrations, and consultations. We are, and will continue to be a proud supporter of our local military.

Jacksonville NC Discussions

Again, we encourage local area residents and other interested parties to use the no registration discussion form below to ask detailed questions of Summer Scozzari and Anew Hearing Care, LCC staff located in Jacksonville, NC and Beulaville, NC. Please be sure to subscribe to replies so you get notifications when a member of this business replies to your questions.

Questions we hope to hear about can include information about the brands of aids they sell and service, training on helping to prolong and keep your device in proper working order, types of insurance they carry, military related services, testing, and any other information or questions relating to hearing care.

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