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Jacksonville And Onslow County NC Buy Here, Pay Here Used Cars

This is a discussion on the availability of buy here, pay here lot financing for used cars, trucks, and SUVs in the Jacksonville NC and Onslow County local area. Readers are encouraged to use the blue button above to see our current inventory which is updated daily.

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Why is this type financing so important? We believe there is a substantial amount of people and buyers in this local area who need transportation to support their families, and who are unable to get traditional bank loans to purchase a vehicle such as a car, truck, or SUV.

And since 2020, these types of dealerships are seeing increased visits and sales on their lots due to prices of vehicles skyrocketing and the availability of for sale units decreasing.

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Additionally, the loss of employment, businesses cutting back their services, and other economic concerns for this time period hurt people considerably, thus creating negative economic conditions for buyers and their credit scores. As a result, many people do not have positive credit needed to purchase a vehicle which allows them to sustain employment.

This article focuses on the Onslow County NC, Jacksonville, and Camp Lejeune local community.

Local Buy Here, Pay Here At The Lot Used Cars, Trucks, And SUVs

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How does this program work and what are the requirements?

Typically speaking, buy here, pay here dealerships (often called lot and in-house financing dealerships) allow people to buy a vehicle while not taking in to account past repossessions and credit scores.

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While the requirements do differ, many dealerships require people only have a down payment, show proof of some type of income such as disability, child support, retirement, and employment, be able to show they’re living in the local area, be able to carry full-coverage insurance on the vehicle, and agree to monthly servicing of the vehicle.

Most dealership’s terms for in-house and lot cars, trucks, and SUVs are over a period of 30 months compared to traditional bank loans and credit union’s terms of 72 months and greater.

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We’ve found that the 30 month terms gives people considerable time to re-build their credit.


Down Payments: While we’ve found that down payments for in-house and lot financing used trucks, cars, and SUVs in this local area run from $1500 to $2200 dollars depending on the price of the vehicle, we do understand this differs depending on the dealership. What do you think is a fair price for a down payment?

Do you believe this program is something which will become normal as prices for vehicles continue to skyrocket?

Typically speaking, what are the prices for used cars, trucks, and SUVs in this local area?

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If you’re a Jacksonville NC or Onslow County resident and buyer who has a negative credit score or past repossession which is preventing you from purchasing a vehicle, would you consider buy here, pay here?

What are some other questions you have about buy here, pay here financing for local cars, trucks, and SUVs in the Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, and Onslow County community which we didn’t cover in this article?

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