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Jarrett Bay Near Davis And Williston NC – Down East Pamlico Sound Information

This is a discussion and information article on the body of water known as Jarrett Bay near Davis and Williston NC in Down East Carteret County along the Pamlico Sound.

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Near Davis NC and Williston
Area Highlighted By The Red Square
Local Area News

This section is maintained for news information that happens near Jarrett Bay and the communities of Williston and Davis NC that occur after publication. Or, you can visit our general county news information.

Jarrett Bay NC Local Down East Discussions

General Information

Geography: A body of water that sits between Davis NC and Williston NC which are both located in an area of Carteret County known as “Down East” which locally is considered anything east of Beaufort NC. These communities have a deep tradition and heritage centered around farming, hunting, recreational and commercial fishing, and harvesting of shellfish. The area is considered very rural, fiercely family oriented, and with an extensive and storied culture of people who enjoy living off the land and waters around Core Sound and Pamlico Sound.

The main highway that serves the entire down east area of Carteret County NC is Highway 70 and there is a small bridge that goes over the northern portion of Jarrett Bay as this body of water dramatically narrows in to a small estuary of nearby marshland.

At it’s widest, this body of water is .9 miles long from east to west, and it’s general length from south to north is 1.7 miles. This local area is in the 252 area code of Eastern NC.

Nearest Landmarks: Cedar Island ferry to Ocracoke, Shackleford Banks, Cape Lookout National Seashore, Davis, Williston, and Harkers Island.

The Pamlico Sound is the primary large body of water that feeds Jarrett Bay.

Thanks to Randy Ramsey, we corrected this article where we erroneously said that this body of water has no connection to the boat building company with the same name. As it turns out, it does. Mr. Ramsey tells us that his boatworks company started in Williston in 1986 in the old High Tide Boatworks building adjacent to the the old clam house.

We strongly encourage readers to explore this area and surrounding landmarks from an aerial perspective using Google Maps.

Weather: The weather in Carteret County is extensively unpredictable and storms can pop up at anytime especially in the spring, summer, and fall months. Review our forecast and current conditions for this area before going boating, or out on the water using a canoe or kayak.


Requests for information from locals and those who visited this landmark in the past, and for people interested in visiting this waterway to ask questions using the form below.

Is this entire body of water accessible by boat, or are there any areas that are impassable by boat? What size boat is most commonly seen on the water?

Is this area conducive to recreational fishing and what types of fish are normally caught in the bay?

What opportunities are there for duck hunting and deer hunting around this body of water and what types of waterfowl inhabit this area?

Other than boating, kayaking, canoeing, what other types of water related recreation happens on this bay?

What opportunities for lodging, motels, and hotels are there in the local area? Are there any small convenience stores, national chain stores, grocery stores, and other businesses like bait shops locally in Davis and Williston?

How far of a drive is Jarrett Bay NC from Harkers Island and Cedar Island?

Is there any harvesting of oysters and shellfish in this area? How far by boat is Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout?

What types of shorebirds are common along this bay? What are some other wildlife that inhabits this body of water and it’s surroundings?

Where are public boat docks and ramps where people can access the water by boat, canoe, or kayak?

What is some other historical information or facts about Jarrett Bay that we did not discuss?

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