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Kids And Youth Soccer Leagues In Carteret County NC – Public Discussions

Information, resources, and public discussions related to kids and youth local soccer leagues in the Carteret County NC communities of Morehead City, Beaufort, and Newport.

Readers are encouraged to use the public form below to leave local information, telephone contacts, league schedules, other information, and to engage in conversations with other readers on this site.

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Latest News

It’s unclear if the Seashore Soccer League (SSL) will will have a 2020 season because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and player safety still being a concern. Additionally, the Seashore Soccer League is still being affected by the bankruptcy of Global Premier Soccer (GPS) and the loss of considerable financial backing.

However, the Carolina Velocity Soccer Club is a relatively new organization that might be involved in Carteret County NC soon.


As a past player, parent, or coach with organized kids and youth soccer in the local community, how active is this area and what are the latest thoughts on new leagues in the area or the 2020 season?

What is the latest news and information about high school soccer at Croatan High School, West Carteret High School, and East Carteret High School?

Are there any local soccer camps that are consistent in the area? What information can you give us about these camps?

Who are some standout soccer players at area high schools that went on to play this sport at the collegiate level or even professional level?

What more can local area organizers, parents, and businesses do to help make the local Carteret County soccer leagues more consistent and financially backed?

During regular season play, and when not being affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus, what soccer fields are normally utilized for game play? We know Rotary Park and Swinson Park have well maintained fields in Morehead City, but what about in Newport and Beaufort NC?

In the past, what ages of youth and kids do leagues allow at the starting level and age out level?

Do you know of any people or organizations in the local area that offer one-on-one instruction and training for youth that are very serious about this sport?

If a person is interested in becoming apart of local leagues in the county, what does one have to do to become a referee? Are there any local resources for training or certification to referee kids soccer?

Does the local parks and recreation department in various Carteret County communities offer any camps, instruction, or organization for this sport?

What is some other news and information about organized camps and leagues that we did not cover in the communities of Morehead City, Newport, and Beaufort?

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