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Kite Flying At Carteret County NC Beaches

This is a ongoing community discussion article on kite flying at the Carteret County NC beaches of Emerald Isle, Salter Path, Indian Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Atlantic Beach, and can include Beaufort, Morehead City, Harkers Island, and Newport.

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Using the discussion form below, we want to know about any groups in the local community who meetup in the Spring, Summer, and Fall months to fly kites. Furthermore, we remember an annual festival that used to take place near Fort Macon State Park which was devoted to this hobby. Does this festival still take place? If so, what time of the year and what are the dates?

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Where Are Some Good Places To Fly For Kids And Youth?

Does anyone even fly kites anymore? I’m 53 years of age and have lived in Carteret County all my life, with not a year going by where I haven’t used the beaches in either Emerald Isle or Atlantic Beach and it struck me last week, I don’t see people doing this anymore. What’s going on?

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I know back in my youth, there were hundreds of people flying on the beaches and I just don’t see it anymore. Has something new taken over?

If you’re a visitor to our county and have kids, do your children take part in this recreational activity, and if not, how come?

If anyone remembers the festival that used to take place at the beach near Fort Macon, is this event still taking place but moved to another area?

I know in recent years I’ve seen a lot of younger adults doing kitesurfing in the local area, but I imagine the equipment is priced high enough that it’s out of range of just a recreational hobby for younger kids and youth vacationing in the area.

So what gives, where have the kites gone?

If for some reason plenty of people are still doing this hobby and I’ve just somehow missed it, where are some good places in Emerald Isle, Pine Knoll Shores, Indian Beach, and Salter Path to go?

If you’re an enthusiast of this activity, and compared to 30 years ago, what technology advances are current when it comes to string and materials of kites made today?

What local beach outfitters, retail stores, or surf shops in Atlantic Beach and other municipalities in Carteret County NC have a good assortment of kites to buy?

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