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Kitesurfing (boarding) Action Sport Observed In Atlantic Beach NC

2018 Video of kitesurfing (style of kiteboarding) in Atlantic Beach NC shot with on the beach at Fort Macon State Park. Discussions and comments are below this video.

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Location and conditions: Taken from Fort Macon State Park, perfectly sunny day, moderate winds, rough and choppy seas along with 3-4 foot waves. Video footage shows a surfer reaching very fast speeds and large aerials when going over the waves with hang times estimated to be around 10 seconds.

Does this video make you want to learn more and consider taking up this extreme sport?

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Discussions and Comments

Are there any businesses in Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, or Morehead City that have sprung up catering to people that want to take up the sport of kitesurfing? Do any of the local surf shops cater to people interested in this action sport?

The Crystal Coast in Carteret County.

As someone who has tried this, it looks like it takes incredible strength to keep the kite from coming out of your hands, is this the case? What type of endurance is needed for this sport?

Do you recommend anyone (instructors) in the area that can help people learn how to get involved in kiteboarding? How much does the equipment needed to participate cost?

Does it help or hurt to have a background in wave surfing to be proficient in this sport? What areas along the Carteret County beaches are best for this sport?

Is it best to learn in calm waters where there are no waves? What about winds, is it best to learn during calmer winds?

Are there any restrictions along the Crystal Coast that prohibit kitesurfing? Do any municipalities outright ban it on public beaches that are designated for public swimming?

Does it help to have a background and experience in parasailing? So, tell us more!

What is an extreme sport?

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2 thoughts on “Kitesurfing (boarding) Action Sport Observed In Atlantic Beach NC

  • August 15, 2019 at 1:46 am

    I watched a kite surfer last week for about 20 minutes and I swear this dude had to be going upwards of 35 to 40 mph sometimes and when he went over waves was catching about 30 feet of air. This is definitely an extreme sport, and it looks fun but definitely only available to people with significant upper body strength.

    You see it a lot more on the California coast, but I am seeing it more at NC beaches. I imagine the board, rigging equipment, and kite isn’t cheap so there may be a business potential for someone doing rentals in Atlantic Beach.

    Also, if you are thinking that this is only available for glassy days when there is no choppy water, think again. The day I watched the surfer, it was very choppy water.

  • November 1, 2018 at 6:14 pm

    It is a beautiful sport to watch and looks very fun but I have often wondered what preparation goes in to it before going out on the water or ocean? How do you calibrate the kite so that when you go airborne you know that there is just enough weight to bring the surfer back down? What is to keep a sudden wind gust from taking the surfer up and staying in the air?

    Is the kite affixed to the body of the surfer or is it sheer brute strength in the hands holding on to the rope? I know there has to be a safety release somewhere in the system?

    Is kitesurfing reserved for the ocean while kiteboarding reserved for lakes and still water?

    Nonetheless, I am seeing more and more of this along the beaches of Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle and it is so peaceful to mesmerizing to watch.


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