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Kitty Hawk NC Vacation Visitor And Travel Information

What are some fun things to do for kids and families on vacation when visiting or traveling to Kitty Hawk NC? This location along the northern Outer Banks of the coastal region is a internationally known attraction destination for families seeking remote and pristine beaches, world-class seafood restaurants and dining, endless inshore, beach, and offshore fishing opportunities, and entertainment to name just a few resources. Our readers consistently tell us Kitty Hawk is most known for it’s unspoiled and secluded beaches which offers visitors amazing relaxation opportunities, and that the entire tourism industry in this Outer Banks town is built around this concept.

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Using the no registration discussion form below, we encourage locals, business leaders, conservationist, organizations, and past vacationers to us the topics below to have ongoing conversations about what makes this local area so unique. Additionally, please feel free to treat this page as an online information forum to ask questions and we’ll be happy to reply with answers to your questions. Or, we will find an expert who can answer your question.

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for kids and families at the beach
Where is this place located?

Local Data

  • Located on the northern Outer Banks at 36.070607, -75.693372 longitude and latitude.
  • Primary roads and highways for car travel include Highway 12, Highway 158, and Highway 64 from Roanoke Island.
  • Nearest airport with commercial airline service is Elizabeth City NC. There is no Amtrak service to the Outer Banks that we know about.
  • Nearest landmarks and bodies of water includes the Atlantic Ocean, Albemarle Sound, Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve, the Bodie Island Lighthouse, and the Currituck Sound.
  • This location is roughly 49 miles from the Virginia border via Highway 168 to Highway 158.
  • When considering most travel to this community is by car or truck, the closest cities and towns include Kill Devil Hills and Southern Shores which border this community. Continuing with car and truck travel, other cities and towns include Duck, Point Harbor, Corolla, Elizabeth City, Cape Hatteras, and Nags Head.
  • We know of no NCDOT (NC Department of Transportation) ferry boats which service this area because this community has ample highways and roads which access the mainland of Eastern NC.

Tourism Information For Families And Kids

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Inshore And Offshore Fishing

As with most communities along this portion of the NC coast, inshore fishing, beach fishing, and offshore fishing are major attractions for people who love this sport, be it for recreation or relaxation. And to be sure, this community has many opportunities for this past time whether you’re fishing from a pier, bank along a waterway, or taking a local charter boat service guide.

When considering inshore and offshore opportunities, what is some information you can supply below which will help those planning a vacation to the area understand the ties to recreational and commercial fishing in this community?

Find Places To See and Things To Do for Families Within Our County Tourism Center.

Restaurants And Dining

Another major attraction people visiting the NC coast from all over the world come to expect is the abundance and quality of local seafood and no doubt there is plenty of opportunities to enjoy local seafood at many of the local restaurants along this portion of the Outer Banks in Eastern NC.

As someone who’s traveled to this area, tell us about any standout restaurants which pride themselves in serving freshly caught fish, scallops, clams, shrimp, and other entrees in this community. Which one of the mentioned restaurants offer waterfront dining and have a good working relationship with commercial fishermen?

Local Area Entertainment

While this community prides itself on it’s clean and pristine secluded beaches, entertainment is still alive in this local area. For this section, we’re interested in hearing from locals and past visitors about local bars and pubs, or places to find live music. Where is the entertainment center in this community and what is some other information someone should know about music, the arts, and culture in this area? What entertainment opportunities are there for families and children?

Hotels, Motels, RV Parks, And Campgrounds

For any vacation, finding the perfect lodging facility is important to guests looking for pet and kid friendly facilities close to area beaches, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. For this section, and using the discussion form below, tell us about local Kitty Hawk NC hotels, motels, RV parks, and campgrounds which offer quality and unique amenities for guests. Where can someone find a RV park or campground with public WI-FI, electricity and water hookups, and public showers and clean restrooms?

For hotels and motels, which establishments have good prices, quality amenities, and are open all year around? Which are located close to shopping centers, grocery stores, entertainment, restaurants, and area beaches?

Beaches Information

While last, but certainly not least, we feel the biggest asset to Kitty Hawk tourism is their clean and secluded beaches which offers travelers unparalleled access to relaxation, opportunities to find rare and exotic seashells, the chance to encounter exotic coastal wildlife, see and experience natural ecosystems and living shorelines, and the ability to take in tranquility at areas beaches and sprawling sand dunes.

While there are certainly commercial entities in the local area, it’s clear town leaders have purposefully kept commercial centers away from local beaches and natural resources and we think this is why veteran visitors to this area keep returning for their vacation choices. Do you agree?

Location Information

We believe Kitty Hawk NC’s location on the northern Outer Banks makes this town a great choice when considering a quiet weekend getaway for couples and families, and we look forward to your insights and questions using the discussion form below.

When contacting us, tell us about your unique experiences at this location.

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