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Things To Do And See At Carteret County NC Beaches During Labor Day Weekend

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This section is maintained for news updates to Labor Day information that arises after publication.

Labor Day 2020: Tourism related activities and public interests locally were significantly impacted by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic that shuttered businesses, or put significant restrictions on their operations. Visitor numbers to the area were significantly impacted while creating economic impacts not seen in decades.

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Labor Day is a state and federal holiday that typically takes place annually in September and is a celebration of the American worker and workforce. For tourism beach towns in North Carolina, this holiday usually signifies the end of the busy tourism season before people get back to school and to prepare for late fall and winter.

Typically, it is common to see vacationers and visitors from the triad near Winston-Salem and Greensboro, from Raleigh, and places like Wilson, Rocky Mount, and Goldsboro who come to the Bogue Sound beaches near Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Indian Beach, Salter Path, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, and Beaufort.

Because the Crystal Coast and Carteret County beaches and waterways are known for their pristine and nourished environment, seemingly endless sand dunes, and non-commercialized small town family vacation feel, this area is a consistent destination and attraction in Eastern NC for people who just want to relax and enjoy themselves before getting back to school and settling in for a long winter of working.

WEATHER: Local Forecast

When visiting the NC beaches, understand that early September is still considerably hot and water temperatures are as hot as they will get all year. Aside from the county being in peak hurricane season, expect very warm weather and water temperatures for boating, sailing, and swimming.

The Beaches of Bogue Banks NC


Atlantic Beach

Located at the western end of the island, Atlantic Beach is one of the most populated towns in Carteret County offering visitors the chance to visit Oceanana Fishing Pier to try your luck at catching fish, viewing the coastline from sea, and exceptional opportunities for photography and viewing sunsets.

The circle in the heart of Atlantic Beach at places like Idle Hour Biergarten, The Tackle Box Tavern, Crabs Claw Restaurant, and Pescara Restaurant are known for seafood, Italian dishes and entertainment. Other mentions locally are Tipsy Turtle Tavern, Memories Beach And Shag Club, Crystal Coast Brewing Company (Craft Beer favorite), and Beach Tavern that is a local bar serving the area for 40 years.

During the Labor Day weekend, visiting the Fort Macon State Park beach access area offering visitors many things to do and see including walking the sprawling sand dunes looking for seashells, grilling out, and enjoying the lifeguard protected beach swimming area. This area has free parking.

Morehead City

If visiting Morehead City for the holiday weekend, entertainment and local activities are generally centered around the waterfront and downtown area. Downtown Morehead City offers considerable opportunities for high energy dance clubs at Jacks Bar and Tight Lines Pub and Brewing Company, Arendell Room, Crystal Coast Brewing Company, Off The Hook dance club and restaurant, Sanitary Restaurant Redfish Grill, and Southern Salt Seafood Company for the best in waterfront dining focusing on seafood.

If you are interested in playing pool, Boys Billiards on Arendell St is a great choice.

The Bask Hotel in downtown is a great opportunity for overnight accommodations.

Beaufort NC

If visiting Beaufort for the holiday weekend, this town offers the best in the area’s rich history, heritage, and culture centered around commercial fishing, aquaculture, boat building, and maritime history.

The downtown waterfront area near Front St is where the bulk of entertainment, bars, and restaurants are located. Must see attractions include the Maritime Museum, Clawsons Restaurant, Dock House Restaurant, Queen Ann’s Revenge bar and restaurant, Aqua Restaurant, and the many local retail establishments that focus on local novelties, paintings, food, beverages, and clothing.

During the holiday weekend, expect to find live music up and down the historical boardwalk along the Beaufort Docks on Taylors Creek.

Other suggested things to do include kayaking to the Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve, taking a ghost walk tour along the many historical homes in Beaufort, and taking a ferry boat to Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout National Seashore.

Emerald Isle

If visiting the far western part of the county along Bogue Banks for the holiday, Emerald Isle is a popular small beach town known for the best in nourished beaches, pristine sand dunes, and quiet beaches with not a lot of commercialization. This community is most known for family vacations, quaint motels, and shop local retail stores.

Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier is one of two piers along Bogue Banks and the Crystal Coast that offers a family atmosphere and great fishing.


If visiting the area on a holiday weekend, Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout National Seashore are must to do places to see. But, they are only accessible by private boat or passenger ferry and offer world-renowned coastal views, wild horse viewing, sailing, boating, diving, and fishing.

In the past, if you visited Carteret County during the Labor Day weekend, what are some attractions and places to see that you discovered in the area that we did not mention in this article?

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