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Living Shorelines And Natural Materials To Decrease Pollution And Erosion While Enhancing The Environment

We’re excited to learn about living shorelines built from natural materials in coastal regions where stormwater runoff, man-made pollution, erosion, decreasing fisheries, and threatened marine habitats are being impacted by humans and an increase in tropical weather.

These shorelines represent a new approach over traditional bulkheads and seawalls which are actually shown to increase erosion, and who’s existence does nothing to promote fisheries, habitats, and aesthetic value of coastal estuaries and marshlands.

This new approach uses planted grass and other natural materials like oyster shells to aid not only fisheries and habitats, but by providing a more effective way to filter pollutants and promote the natural environment.

To learn more about water quality in NC, and how this new approach is being utilized locally, please visit our page on living shorelines in NC to learn more and get involved.

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