Local School Administrators, Teachers, and Staff Persevere During Coronavirus

April 2020

Once again, and in the face of the Coronavirus, our local school administrators, teachers, and staff members at every educational facility in Carteret County has shown an incredible level of perseverance in meeting the learning needs of area youth.

As they were tested during Hurricanes Florence and Dorian, and then with budget issues at the state level, and now with the COVID-19 pandemic, administrators, teachers, teaching assistants, nutritional services, school nurses and psychologist, and other staff, our local public education apparatus is clearly very healthy and functional and being driven by people who have a true genuine desire and need to help our local youth excel in life.

Literally, within a 24 hour period in March of 2020, administrators and teachers had to pivot from traditional schooling to teaching and supporting students from afar through online learning. And, from all appearances, it seems to be working even with a few glitches here and there.

None of us really know what to make of this Coronavirus pandemic and what the future holds. Questions still remain on whether the virus will continue full steam ahead until there is a vaccine, if it will mutate in to another strain we don’t have a vaccine for, or whether the culmination of flu and Coronavirus cases will necessitate the need to deliver educational services online.

As parents, school board members, and even students in our local system, we need to continue to work closely and be understanding that this unprecedented event will present challenges that no teacher or administrator has ever dealt with before. As parents, we need to understand our role in looking over the shoulders of our children to make sure they are opening their Chromebooks and doing work. We need to make sure that the funding is there to put together a virtual online learning system that maintains the same level of educational needs that traditional schooling offers.

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Michael Sharp

Michael Sharp

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