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Local Seafood Markets In Carteret County NC – Fish, Shrimp, Oysters, And More

This is an ongoing community information discussion article on local seafood markets in Carteret County NC which sell fresh fish, shrimp, oysters, scallops, crab, and clams to residents and visitors to this coastal region.

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Readers are encouraged to use the no registration form at the bottom of this page to alert us to the names, addresses, phone numbers, and directions to various businesses operating within this NC county. And, we hope readers will tell us a little about the establishment they’re mentioning.

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Other information can include seasons which specific seafood is available versus not available, prices, places which will clean freshly caught catch, and any other services local businesses are offering to the public.

Community Information On Seafood Markets In Carteret NC

Local Recipes

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As we get community discussion information below about businesses operating in this local community, we’ll take the information below and add it to the main body of this article. Additionally, local towns referenced in the information will be linked to a similar article for that town and will contain data about seafood markets specific to that location.

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And as we stated above, we encourage readers to discuss local seafood seasons which consumers can find fresh offerings, along with when a specific catch is considered off-season, local prices, and other services.

Categories: Fresh shrimp, fish, oysters, clams, crab, and scallops.


Information will be added to this area once we get discussion data using the form at the bottom of this article.

Carteret Tourism

Carteret County seafood markets in NC are thriving businesses due in large part to our local commercial fishing industry, and the prevalence of edible aquatic species along our shore, both inshore and offshore.

Given this, local markets serve a huge tourism population which come to our area waterways and barrier island not only for the beaches and coastal activities, but to also experience world-class fish, shrimp, oysters, clams, crab, and scallops.


Discussions On Carteret Oyster Farming

Of the establishments listed above, which are open all year? Which are only open at certain times of the year when tourist are visiting the area?

Other than selling seafood, which also offers cleaning services to consumers?

Of the 14 incorporated and unincorporated towns in this NC county, which do not have any markets?

Discussions On Shrimping

What are some services not being offered at the businesses listed above which could be offered? For example, having a market available for consumers to buy fresh seafood and then cook and prepare it for buyers as they wait.

Are any of these businesses attached to a local restaurant?

Of the categories listed above, what is the average price per pound for each and how does this change depending on the season?

What’s some other information regarding Carteret County NC seafood markets that we didn’t touch on in this article that you think readers should know? Please use the discussion form below to let us know.

Harvesting Methods

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