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Local Weather Information Including Tropical Storms And Hurricanes

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Discussions centered around local weather information in the spring, summer, fall, and winter months.

From late May till early September, the weather in this area is considerably hot and humid, and thunderstorms can literally form out of nowhere very quickly. These banks are in most cases right at sea level so flooding anywhere in the area is a major concern during heavy rains, tropical storms, and hurricanes.

What are the weather conditions right now?

In the late fall months temperatures can range from the 50s to the 70s and generally speaking the months of January and February are the coldest.

From June till October, the areas along the Outer Banks and Southern Outer Banks are notoriously under threat of tropical storms and hurricanes.

Hurricanes Florence and Dorian caused considerable damage to Long Point Cabin Camp and the Great Island Cabin Camp for the entire season, and the lighthouse was closed to climbing and tours for several months.

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