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Long Point Cabin Camp Availability, Cost, And Accommodations

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Discussions and questions centered on the Long Point cabins located on the north core banks of Cape Lookout in North Carolina. This area is often referred to as Portsmouth Island, but Portsmouth is actually it’s own entity within the north banks.

How many cabins are there? What is the cost to stay in these cabins during the busy tourism season in the spring, summer, and early fall months versus the rates during the off-season in the late fall months and winter?

How far from the beach are these cabins? Or, from where ferry boat companies drop passengers off?

What types of accommodations does the Long Point Cabin Campground have? Is there air conditioning (AC), electricity, running water, gas for cooking and heating? What types of beds are available? Are there private showers or is there a central bathhouse?

If someone is visiting the Long Point Cabins, what types of supplies do they need to bring as it relates to food, bedding linens, and other supplies?

Are these lodging facilities available for rent only one night a week, by the weekend, or can someone rent for an entire week?

Are all roads within the campground sandy beach terrain that is only accessible by ATVs? What is the process to cancel or set reservations for these cabins? How many square feet are they and how many people do they sleep?

What is the process for when someone has a reservation for a certain date, but inclement weather such as tropical storms or hurricane affect the area?

Are there any caretakers that live along these banks that renters have access to?

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