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Mandy Lane In Morehead City NC – Road Information, HOA, Housing, And More Discussions

Mandy Lane is a street in Morehead City NC that begins as a cul-de-sac at the east end and terminates as a dead end just after Plantation Road. This road is located in the Mandy Farms subdivision within Carteret County NC.

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Aerial Map Mandy

Street Intersections: Plantation Road, Oxford Drive, Brooks Street, Worth Drive, N 35th Street, N Forty Road, Barn Court, Wagon Circle, N Gate Road, Mandy Court, and Barbour Street.

Carteret County Real Estate And Homes For Sale

Subdivisions and neighborhoods: Mandy Farms, Country Club Heights No.2, and Creek Pointe.

Major Landmarks: Excel Learning Center, and Sports Center of Morehead City.

Located in the 252 area code, 28557 zip code, and in Carteret County NC.

Morehead City For Sale Information

Schools include Morehead City Primary School for grades kindergarten through 3rd grade, Morehead Elementary School for grades 4th and 5th, Morehead Middle School for grades 6th through 8th, and West Carteret High School for grades 9th through 12th.

Mandy Lane is located in the city limits, thus served by city police, fire, and EMS. Residents are served by Carteret Health Care Medical Center.

This street is primarily made up of middle class single family homes. The median price of homes in Mandy Farms is $167,000.

Beaufort NC is a 10 minute drive from this street, Atlantic Beach NC is roughly 9 minutes, and Newport is roughly a 12 minute drive. The nearest hospital is a 3 minute drive.

The nearest local grocery store, retail stores, banking, and other businesses are within a 4 minute drive.

Mandy Lane is approximately 1.25 miles in length.


Mandy Farms Information

Our discussions in this section are centered around demographics and data not discussed above. Information we seek is about crime statistics, whether any homeowners associations are active in subdivisions on this street, road and street improvements, new development and construction, economic projections, sewer and utility infrastructure and upgrades, median price of land and homes in the area, and whether Mandy Lane is considered in a flood zone.

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Is the electrical grid above ground or underground?

What is the zoning designation for this road or neighborhood?

Does Duke Energy Progress or Carteret-Craven Electrical Cooperative provide power to this neighborhood? What Internet Service Providers have service in this subdivision?

Other than single family homes, are there any low income housing or apartments on this road?

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This street in Mandy Farms is a popular area during Halloween and most homeowners on this road decorate and give out candy to kids in the area.

Area Demographics

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