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Manteo And Roanoke Island On The Outer Banks

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October 2020 – NC City and Town Locations

Manteo and Roanoke Island are very unique towns on the Outer Banks which sit on a small island between Nags Head and the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge on the Croatan Sound. The Croatan Sound is unique in that it’s a body of water which separates the great Pamlico Sound and Albrmarle Sound.

Located on this island is the Roanoke Island Marshes Dedicated Nature Preserve. Route 64 connects both towns with Highway 12 which runs through the entire Outer Banks and with Manns Harbor near the wildlife refuge.

Both of these locations have strong ties to the Maritime culture and heritage which make up commercial fishing and the harvesting of shellfish, and for Indian tribes that settled this land going back centuries ago. Both locations are also a favorite for visitors who love the small own old fashioned feel consistent with the entire Outer Banks culture. Because of the historic nature of these locations, both Manteo and Roanoke Island are major tourist destinations.

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