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Is There 24 hr Mental Health Crisis Help In Carteret County NC? After Hours Contact Information And Phone Numbers

This article is going to provide information we found on 24 hr / 7 day a week after hours mental health emergency crisis help for residents in Carteret County NC, but we are also asking for the pubic to give us more information on community resources they know about using the comment form at the bottom of this article. Additionally, we have specific questions about crisis needs in the county that we address in questions below.

Readers are encouraged to share this on Twitter and Facebook so that others can tell us their experiences with mental health after hours service in the county. Furthermore, we hope you will use the comment form below to engage with us and other readers.

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If you or someone you know is currently suicidal or homicidal we ask that you please call 911 so that you can get immediate help. Also, this article is not being written by a mental health counselor, therapist, nurse, or Doctor. This is not medical advice.

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April 2020 – Officials at Carteret Health Care reported that they saw an increase in overdose related emergencies and deaths that could be related to mental health issues stemming from Coronavirus fear, anxiety, and despair. If you are currently in a mental health crisis after-hours, please consider calling one of the mobile providers below.


RHA Health Services

Call 1-844-709-4097 on mobile now for 24 hr care.

Integrated Family Services

Call 1-866-437-1821 on mobile now for 24 hr care.

All of these providers offer: Services: Facility-Based Crisis Centers, Telepsychiatry technology in various provider sites, 24 hour intervention teams and assessment, Respite care.

Information on Drug Addiction
Comments and Discussions Using The Form Below

Aside from the information we have above, what other mental health emergency crisis resources are there in the Carteret County NC communities of Morehead City, Newport, Beaufort, or Emerald Isle?

How do these issues get dealt with at the Carteret Health Care emergency room? Are there any inpatient, day programs, or outpatient programs in Carteret County that specifically manages mental health? Aside from the Peer Recovery Center we listed above, are there any other community based peer support programs in Morehead City, Newport, Beaufort, or Emerald Isle?

Carteret County.
What resources are there for family members and spouses to get after hours support in the area?

What are some licensed counselors, therapist and Doctors that specifically manage care after hours in this area? Are there any 12-step programs? Does Carteret Health Care or the emergency room have overnight beds dedicated to this health issue?

What programs or resources are there at the Carteret County Detention Center to address people brought in that have needs? What programs or resources are there in the school system?

Need Help Now?
Are there any professionals that accept adult or child Medicaid? If you have Tricare, what is the process for getting treatment?

Providers: Trillium Health Resources, RHA Health Services, Integrated Family Services (IFS)

Michael Sharp

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3 thoughts on “Is There 24 hr Mental Health Crisis Help In Carteret County NC? After Hours Contact Information And Phone Numbers

  • February 25, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    I am 55 now, but in middle school and high school I suffered severe anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and depression in silence. I thought I was going crazy and that everyone else around me was “normal”.

    Back then the only after hours crisis help was the local emergency room and there were very few psychologist in the area, and certainly no psychiatrist.

    As I got older, I realized that many of my friends and students in the Carteret County schools were experiencing the same thing. Had I known that, and had I known that what I was experiencing wasn’t craziness, I think I would have done better.

    I am glad today that many younger kids and adults feel OK talking about mental health issues and I hope the county will do more to offer services.

  • August 14, 2019 at 5:51 pm

    This needs to become a top priority in the county. With all the school shootings that are taking place and people getting in to crisis late at night, the failure of insurance companies and Medicaid system to pay attention to this issue is frustrating to say the least. Just like with medical care, mental health needs 24 hour coverage and care.

  • October 16, 2018 at 1:47 pm

    I wonder if these agencies are seeing a surge in mental health crisis calls after Hurricane Florence with people getting depressed and overly anxious from homelessness and the overwhelming costs of putting things back together and dealing with FEMA. Look out for your neighbors and family folks, in a few months after everything dies down is when the internal sorrow will set in and people will be getting in to emotional crisis.


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