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Mill Creek NC In Carteret County – Town Information

Local resident and visitor maintained information and discussions on Mill Creek NC located in Carteret County near Harlowe and the Newport River. Please consider sharing this document on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so others can learn more about this town and join the conversation. Additionally, please use the comments section below to engage us and others in ongoing discussions about this place.

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Information we hope to learn about and get new questions on Mill Creek NC in Carteret County can include data on government issues, traffic, breaking news, growth and development, local area things to do and see, tourism, motels and hotels near this place, historical landmarks, and connections to commercial fishing and the harvesting of shellfish like clams, oysters, and shrimp.

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Other discussions can include information about this town’s relation to other locations in the area, geography, recreational activities, and real estate.

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News Information

When we get new data, or learn about breaking news happening near Mill Creek NC, this section will be updated.

Mill Creek NC Local Area Data And Demographics

This local area town is located near the Newport River and Harlowe Creek between Newport NC and Highway 101 leading to Craven County. The area is mostly residential homes and neighborhoods with a few businesses nearby.

The town is unincorporated so there is no stand-alone government, meaning all laws, policies, and governance is handled by the Carteret County Commissioners. Law enforcement is handled by the local sheriff’s department and highway patrol, with EMS, fire, and rescue services being handled by volunteer agencies. The N.C. Forestry Service handles all calls for forest fires which are common in this community.

This community has a zip code of 28570 and located within the 252 area code.

Major landmarks in Mill Creek NC include Harlowe Creek and the Newport River, Highway 101, and the Craven County line.

As stated earlier, this community is located in a very rural part of Carteret County, but is heavily traveled by people living along 101 heading to Newport which acts as a bypass around Beaufort and Morehead City. The major roads in this community include Mill Creek Road (Route 1154), Old Winberry Rd, Shore Rd, Mayflower Drive, Alligator Tram Rd, and Longleaf St.

The community and residents living here have deep traditional roots to commercial fishing and the harvesting of oysters, clams, and shrimp.

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Resident And Visitor Discussions

What is the average price of homes and other real estate in this Carteret County community? What is the median price to own other real estate properties like land? How do you see the prices of homes and real estate in this community changing as Cherry Point expands, the Havelock bypass is completed, and Interstate 42 is completed?

What government related issues are most pressing for this community and what do Carteret County Commissioners need to focus on in this town?

Tell us more about the heritage and culture of commercial fishing in Mill Creek NC?

What impacts does the Newport River and Harlowe Creek have on this community?

Why is this area a consistent hotspot for forest fires?

What are some recommended cautions when traveling roads in the unincorporated community?

Where are the closest gas stations and convenience stores for people traveling through this area?

What other questions and information do you have about Mill Creek NC which we did not touch on in this article?

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