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Morehead City / Beaufort Bridge. Random Information, Wrecks, Traffic Reports

Random information on the Morehead City to Beaufort NC bridge that starts at the state port and terminates near Radio Island. Information on wreck and traffic information, structural inspections, repairs, and closings. This bridge is not the new Gallants Channel Bridge. Discussions and comments are located at the bottom of the article.

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near the port

September 9, 2020: After a wreck involving multiple vehicles, police and EMS are reporting that traffic leaving Beaufort and Morehead City is blocked as both lanes are impacted by the wreck.

February 7, 2020 – Considerable traffic delays after a vehicle breaks down.

December 23, 2019 – Two wrecks reported causing major traffic delays compounded by Christmas shopping traffic.

October 5, 2019 – Expect traffic delays related to NC Seafood Festival events, specifically a road race, where runners will be crossing this structure.

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September 17 2019 update: This high rise closed to traffic for 30 minutes so that crews could fix a guardrail associated with last weeks car accidents causing traffic delays in both directions.

This bridge is part of Highway 70, future Interstate 42 corridor and travels over the Newport River.

Offers great views of the N.C. State Port in Morehead City, along with various small islands on the Newport River.

This bridge is notorious for wrecks that cause significant accidents because lanes are very narrow and there is little room for deviation.

September 12, 2019

Reports of multiple car head on collision accident sending at least 5 people to Carteret Health Care with significant injuries. During this wreck, the bridge was closed and traffic between Morehead City and Beaufort was re-routed through Mill Creek. One hour after police had cleared this accident and opened the bridge for traffic, there was a second head on collision that again closed the bridge for a few hours. There is no information on whether injuries happened during this accident.

We searched the Internet for information about when this bridge was constructed, but our research showed no information. If you have historical data to share regarding this, please use the comment section below. We also have no information about when this structure is inspected by NCDOT.

This structure offers both vehicle passage and pedestrian passage and it is not uncommon to see people at the top of the high rise taking pictures of boat traffic on the Newport River, the scenery of small islands near the structure, and of sunsets in the Spring and Summer months.

Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS: Morehead City Police Department is the primary agency responsible for handling traffic and wrecks on this structure. The local Sheriffs Department and N.C. Highway Patrol is secondary. Additionally, N.C. port police and Department of Homeland Security police sometimes respond to incidents on the bridge when it affects port security.

The Morehead City Fire Department And county EMS handle medical and fire related incidents on the bridge.

Related Information

While this bridge connects Morehead City and Beaufort, other similar structures in the area include the new Gallants Channel Bridge which replaced the old Beaufort bridge. This structure provides for a new entrance in to downtown Beaufort, Highway 101, and areas down east.

In the Atlantic Beach area, the Causeway Bridge connects Atlantic Beach and Morehead.

This page will be updates as we hear about car accidents, wreck information, closings, and repairs.


Do you think it is time for this structure to be replaced by a new structure?

What is the time frame that it takes for a person in a vehicle to travel from Beaufort to Morehead City via Mill Creek?

At the base of the bridge where the structure meets water, is there any opportunities for good fishing? Are there any restrictions for boaters near this structure because of the N.C. port?


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