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Morehead City Low Income Housing Apartments In NC By Name

List of Morehead City low income housing apartments in NC by name, location, and contact information for the public. Comment subscriptions, comments, and discussions below the article. Please consider sharing on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that others can learn about available housing in Morehead City NC.

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Ekklesia Apartments

Address: 405 Barbour Road, Phone: (252) 726-0076

Contains 80 units, project based rental assistance, supportive housing for the elderly, and wheelchair accessible units. These apartments are single level and somewhat of a new development. Very close to Morehead Middle School and shopping.

rent subsidized

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Camelia Court

Address: 4609 Country Club Rd, Phone: (252) 808-0322

Location on Country Club Road, convenient to Morehead City Primary School and West Carteret High School. No shopping areas within walking distance. 44 one and two bedroom units, accepts Section 8 housing choice vouchers (HCV).

low income morehead city nc

Westwood Square Apartments

Address: 403 Brook St # 37, Phone: (252) 247-4666

36 one and two bedroom units, project based rental assistance.

income disables family homes

Eastern Carolina Housing Authority

Address: 2204 Bay St, Phone: (252) 726-4401

24 one and two bedroom housing units, project based rental assistance.

housing apartments

Brookside Apartments

Address: 408 Brooks St, Phone: (252) 808-2774

9 one bedroom units

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Oaklane Apartments

Address:  3101 Bridges St , Phone: (252) 726-2151

6 two bedroom housing units with 2.5 baths, convenient to shopping, pet friendly, new development.

low wage housing

Kings Terrace

Address: Treatment Plant Rd (off Mayberry Loop Road), Phone: None given

Not very much information on this complex, but it does have an office on the grounds. Very large, older development. Convenient to a nearby kids park and sports complex, but not convenient to shopping.

find apartments locally 28557

Crystal Coast Apartments

Address: 2109 Mayberry Loop Rd, Phone: (252) 726-8042

50 two and three bedroom units, Section 8 project based rental assistance, older development but has had recent work done to all units after hurricane damage in 2018.

based on income

Discussions On Availability, Pet Friendly Units, Family Sized Units, Handicap Accessible, Distance To Schools And Shopping

As it relates to availability, housing that allows for pets (and deposit amount), which apartments are more geared for families and children, which are disability and handicap accessible, and which are close to schools, shopping, and public transportation? What more information can you give us about these homes?

As it relates to Morehead City low income housing, is there enough developments in the area to support needs of families in the community? Which developments accept Section 8 housing vouchers?

What is the average wait times for these developments? What is the average cost for one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom units? Are all income based?

Which developments have on-site security or are routinely patrolled by community policing?

Which of these developments are convenient to public transportation provide by CCATS (Downtown and around service)?

We noticed that many of these developments have on-site offices, but can someone also apply via the Carteret County Department of Social Services? Which are required (if any) to be applied via this department?

Given the Interstate 42 project and newly developing Havelock bypass, do you feel that Morehead City NC officials need to pay more attention to low income housing and affordable housing given the probability that the city population will soon be growing exponentially?

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