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Morehead City Manager Christopher S. Turner Announces That Deputy Police Chief Bryan Dixon Will Serve As Interim Police Chief After The Resignation Of David Kelly

Update August 3, 2022

The interim manager released a statement saying that the town accepted the former police chief’s letter of resignation on July 18 which counters David Kelley’s assertion that his letter made it clear for a full departure on August 1.

July 2022 – Morehead City News In Carteret County NC

New Morehead City Town Manager Christopher S. Turner announced that Deputy Chief Bryan Dixon will serve as the interim police chief after Chief David Kelly resigned his position after only 7 months on the job.

But this matter is confusing to residents of this town and county given:

1) The town council abruptly terminates the contract of then manager Ryan Eggleston without giving a reason.
2) Then Chief David Kelly offers his resignation effective August 1, 2022 hours after Mr. Eggleston is terminated, and he gives no reason for the resignation.
3) Town council announces that Christopher S. Turner will be the new town manager.
4) Chief David Kelly attempts to rescind his resignation before the August 1st, 2022 date, but his attempt to rescind is either denied by the mayor, town council, or manager Christopher S. Turner.
5) Bryan Dixon assumes the role of interim police chief.

Our organization refuses to discuss rumors surrounding reasons for any termination, resignation, or appointment and would rather see Morehead City, NC town officials explain their actions to residents and voters.

Former Chief David Kelly Responds Regarding His Resignation From The Police Department

Former chief David Kelly gave an interview with journalist Lockwood Phillips about this incident and confirmed that his past employer DynCorp is a source of contention, but that a background check by town officials was done and the findings allowed for him to be hired.

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One thought on “Morehead City Manager Christopher S. Turner Announces That Deputy Police Chief Bryan Dixon Will Serve As Interim Police Chief After The Resignation Of David Kelly

  • July 31, 2022 at 2:45 pm

    I’ve heard the rumors involving DynCorp which David Kelly worked, and I’ve heard about the anonymous email that is being used by officials to cast doubt on the chief. But anyone acting anonymously has no credibility with me, and I don’t think rumors have any place within journalism.

    I realize the former chief gave an interview with Lockwood Phillips and had the ability to have his side aired.

    But I think residents deserve to hear directly from elected officials, that being the mayor, town council, and Chris Turner on what is going on here.

    Why was Ryan Eggleston terminated?
    Did the chief resign, or was he fired?
    What was the reason for the firing? Or, for not allowing him to rescind the resignation?
    Is there a political disagreement between the current manager and the former chief?

    I don’t want to hear the answers to any of this except from the mayor, town council, and the new manager. If we don’t, then can we assume this is politically and ideologically motivated?

    If and when we receive verbal answers, back them up with proof.


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