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Morehead City NC Attractions, Interest, and Events – Information On Things To Do, Places To See, History, And Landmarks

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What are your favorite attractions information, things to do, places to see, and experience in this city?

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City Park

Looking for a great attraction for a kid with considerable things to do in downtown Morehead City NC (Check It Out)

Fire Reports

Archive of fire department reports in the town (Read More).

Amtrak Train Service

Yes, Amtrak is available in the city and services all communities in Carteret County. But you don’t actually catch an Amtrak train here. Read More to see how it all happens.

Morehead City To Atlantic Beach Bridge

Video showing what it looks like to travel over the Causeway Bridge and gives historical information on where we have come from in our travels over Bogue Sound (Read More)

Boys and Girls Club Summer Camps And After School Programs

If you are looking to enrich your child after school or during the summer, then the Boys and Girls Club of The Coastal Plain is a great program to do so. It helps instill in a child diversity and community (Read More).

New Information Technology Position Created

Public Interest: The Morehead City town council approved a new position to help get both emergency information and routine department information out via social media, texting, and print media (Read More).

Town Hall

Phone, address, and department head contacts for the town hall government. Includes mayor, police, fire, EMS, finance, human resources, parks and recreation, and Morehead City town council (Read More).

Waterfront Restaurants

Where are the downtown waterfront restaurants in Morehead City? Which have steak and seafood platters along with great outdoor dining, wine lists, and domestic/import/craft beers? (Read More)

Jacks Waterfront Bar

Jacks Bar along the waterfront is the town’s largest nightclubs in the county offering live music, drink specials, pizza food truck, and dancing. (Read More)

Exercise Walking Areas

Walking is a great pastime and exercise regime for both the young and old. This is an article and information about walking clubs, well lit areas, and safe areas to exercise and walk with friends and families in the town. (Read More)

Fishing Tournaments

Need a list of annual fishing tournaments that take place in the town? Where are the weigh scales? Captain’s parties? All that information and more is in this article. (Read More)

Rotary Park

Public information on Rotary Park on Mayberry Loop Rd to include contact and location, features of this park, and special events taking place at this interest. (Read More)

Swinson Park Kids Playground and Sports Complex

Swinson Park is part of the Morehead City NC Parks and Recreation system. Features include softball fields, baseball fields, soccer fields, two kids playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball court, and covered areas for sitting. (Read More)

Offshore Charter Fishing Boats

Many Morehead City based offshore and inshore charter fishing boats offer half day and full day trips from the waterfront area of downtown. This article serves as a request for information from others about which boats and captains you have used in the past. (Read More)

Brandywine Bay Golf Club

Brandywine Bay is a public golf club in the western part of Carteret County in Morehead City, and residential community. This public interest was developed in 1977. (Read More).

Crystal Coast Visitor Center

Home of the Tourism Development Authority (TDA) which is responsible for tourism development in the Carteret County NC communities of Morehead City and other municipalities. If you are a business owner, investor, homeowner, visitor to the area, or just interested in the community this is a great attraction. (Read More).

Shevans Park

Large fort like kids playground in Morehead City NC featuring tennis courts, grilling areas, covered picnic tables, and is a great attraction for the kids to spend a few hours socializing and playing with other kids. This area is part of the Parks and Recreation system. (Read More)

Garner Farms / Bridges St Extension Project

The State of North Carolina via the DOT wants to extend Bridges St extension in to Newport and several of the proposed routes take it through the Garner Farms area which has many in the area upset. The State says this project will relieve congestion on Hwy 70 in Morehead City and is necessary. (Read More).

Meet Director Jim Browder of the Tourism Development Council

With offices in Morehead at the Visitors Center, the Tourism Development Authority has a new director which will oversee all tourism efforts in Carteret County. This article is both a request for information about tourism and growth in this community and a chance to update readers on which direction the new director is going in his new job. (Read More)

Big Rock Landing and Weigh Scales

Big Rock Landing and weigh scales is the focal point of the annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament in downtown Morehead City NC and is one of the bigger attractions in Carteret County. (Read More)

The Friendly Market

The Friendly Market located at the corner of Bridges St extension and Friendly Rd is locally owned by Matt and Mindy Ballou Fitzpatrick. This quaint market offers a great garden center and nursery, fresh produce, baked goods, and quiet sitting area.  (Read More)

Carteret Health Care

Video and information on the only hospital and medical center in Morehead City, NC. List of specialized care areas and contact information for departments and physicians that make up Carteret Health Care (Read More).

Calico Creek

An article outlining things to do near this large estuary that travels through the city and where residents and visitors congregate to go fishing, throw cast nets to catch bait fish, have nature walks, kayak, and bird watch. This area is also the perfect place to catch the spectacular sunsets Summer offers (Read More).

Marlins Baseball

Community article on the summer collegiate baseball team that plays at Big Rock Stadium in the Spring and Summer months (Read More)

Morehead Primary School

Request for information and contact information for Morehead City Primary School which is a public education school serving students in grades pre-kindergarten through third grade (Read More).

West Carteret High School

Request for information and contact information for West Carteret High School in Carteret County which is a public education school serving students 9th grade through 12th grade (Read More).

Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals

If you need a list and directory of Veterinarians and animal hospitals in the local community who offer after hours care, grooming, and boarding then this article is for you. Filed under Morehead City information. (Read More)

Lost Dogs Database
Crowd sourced database of lost dogs in the community where residents can send us information on their lost pets and we will publish the information online and via social media (Read More).

Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Public information directory listing of divorce and family law attorneys practicing in Morehead City, NC and the Carteret County courts. (Read More).

Craft Beer Microbreweries

List of all microbreweries serving craft beer in the area along with contact information, address, and requests for information to these interests and attractions (Read More).

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Morehead City, NC Tourism

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    Morehead City attractions and public interest destinations are fixing to get a lot more popular once we get the Interstate here from Raleigh. Man it’s good to see jobs coming!


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