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Morehead City NC Developers Eye Area Growth and Expansion

Morehead City NC developers are gearing up for many new residential housing projects as the Carteret County area is expected to see new growth and expansion over the next few years. Many of these housing initiatives are designated as low income housing.

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This section is maintained for local news information on continued growth and development within the Morehead City limits and will also focus on new home construction, new businesses, the need for low income housing, and land development directly tied to natural growth as well as new expansion from Interstate 42 and the Havelock bypass.

October 2021: A 30-unit condominium development is being proposed along the Morehead City waterfront along Shepard St, but requires rezoning from commercial marina district to planned development district. In early October, the town planning board gave it’s recommendation on this new development. This moves the Shepard St rezoning request to a November 9 meeting with town council.

The Preserve at Carteret Place (Greensboro based Brown Investment Properties) Located at the south end of Friendly Rd in Morehead City NC, this residential development luxury apartment complex offers two and three bedroom apartments in a series of three story building with units starting at $1,065 a month in rent. The Preserve at Carteret Place amenities include: electric car docking station, dog park with washroom, fitness center and pool. In 2015, a rezoning request was granted by the Morehead City council to allow for a sidewalk along Bridges St extension to accommodate this residential development.

Park Villas – Elkview Holdings While the first two phases of Park Villas was completed in early 2005, the local planning board gave the green light for third phase development and construction to begin. The master plan for phase three outlines 51 units off Old Murdoch Rd and is spread out over 17 building with development accounting for green space and parking. The master plan meets all requirements of the Morehead City Unified Development Ordinance and construction will begin pending approval of a state storm water permit.

Elijah’s Landing Apartments – Keith Walker of East Carolina Community Development Inc. (ECCDI) Location: Department of Housing and Urban Development, low-income housing development at 3200 Bridges St, proposed complex of 168 units comprising of 30 one bedroom rentals, 78 two bedroom rentals, and 60 three bedroom rentals. Developer Keith Walker and East Carolina Community Development Inc built other low income housing at Camellia Court off Country Club Road. In April of 2018, Morehead City approved a $14,000 bond to ECCDI to build this apartment complex. Category:

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Unified Development Ordinance Amendment for Downtown Pushed by the Downtown Morehead City Inc. this ordinance amendment approved by the city council in March 2018 to begin the process on development of low income multi-family dwellings in downtown. The ordinance amendment also allowed for building construction in downtown Morehead City to be raised from 50 feet to 70 feet

Developer Jim Bailey – Gaye Wellons Mashburn Under the new Unified Ordinance Amendment, developer Jim Bailey is in early housing development of a complex proposed for the area of 1211 and 1213 Arendell St. in downtown Morehead City. The Morehead City Board of adjustment approved a special-use permit which allows for a master plan for this development to begin. Early thinking on this project calls for six units near 1211 and 1213 Arendell St. No affordability designation on these units are settled given early planning at this point.

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Do you believe that growth and expansion in Carteret County is directly related to the Interstate 42 corridor that effectively puts a Interstate highway between the Crystal Coast and Raleigh? What are your thoughts on affordable housing development in Morehead City? How do you feel about building code being raised from 50 feet to 70 in downtown?

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2 thoughts on “Morehead City NC Developers Eye Area Growth and Expansion

  • August 9, 2019 at 1:34 am

    These projects are great, it’s good to see more low income housing in the city, but just you wait until the Interstate 42 is finished. You are going to see growth like it’s crazy. We are talking schools, roads, bridges, the hospital, technology, new business development and expansion.

    I just don’t know where they plan to build with water on three sides. I hope developers will maintain the feel as well.

  • November 1, 2018 at 8:15 am

    I for one welcome more development in Morehead City and other areas in the community as long as it’s done with maintaining the “small town old beach community” feel which is exactly what locals and tourist want for this area.

    We have to have some growth and expansion as long as it does not come with invading the environment we enjoy here. The people that visit Morehead and beach areas come for the reason that it is not a tourist trap with arcades, amusement parks, pawn shops, and bars that take the place of sand dunes and whatnot.

    I just wish someone would go ahead and develop the circle as that is pretty much becoming an eyesore.


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