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Morehead City Used Bicycles For Sale in NC – Cruisers, Mountain, Road Types

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Current Listing in Morehead City NC

Added May 25, 2021 and located in Beaufort NC. 3 wheel bicycle, kept in garage, aluminum rims, 3 speed, foot and hand brakes, minor rust, good condition. Contact suzi_hill [[at]] hotmail [[dot]] com.

in Beaufort NC
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Sold Items

Date: 11/2/2018
26″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike, Black in Color

Purchased in 2017 and ready for an upgrade. This is a good starter bicycle for light all-terrain use. Kept indoors away from the elements and routinely oiled the chain and all moving parts. Only minor wear and tear. Helmet included.
Location: Blair Farm
Price: Sold

Date: 10/1/2018
Women’s Pink Beach Cruiser – 6 speed

Great bike for touring on the beach or around downtown. Kept indoors and never rained on. Good maintenance and no damage. Only minor scrapes.
Location: Emeline Place
Price: Sold

Date: 6/1/2018
Fuji Club City Bike – 12 Speed Road Type (Racing)

Good bicycle for those that love to get out on the road for touring, racing, or exercise. Well maintained and no rust. Great for a beginner or intermediate person ready to start training. I did add some after market accessories like better breaking, seat, and pedals.
Location: Spooners Creek
Price: Sold

Date: 4/16/2018
Used Boys Style BMX – 12 inch

BMX style boys bicycle with moderate wear and tear, comes with training wheels if needed. Black in color. Comes with helmet. Cash only.
Location: Morehead City NC
Price: Sold

Date: 2/12/2018
Used 20″ Magna girls style. Topaz in color

Great starter bike for a girl and has all the colors and accessories young girls love. Helmet included. Kept indoors and maintenance. We put new tires on in the summer of 2017.
Location: Hedrick Estates
Price: Sold

Used Red Aluminum LA Jolla Beach Cruiser With Basket – 6 speed

Perfect for riding over at the beach or in town for exercise. Has a vintage look and feel. Well maintained and oiled. No scratches or damage.
Location: Downtown Morehead City
Price: Sold

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One thought on “Morehead City Used Bicycles For Sale in NC – Cruisers, Mountain, Road Types

  • December 2, 2018 at 8:18 pm

    I am looking for a specific used bicycle made by Hyper. It’s a beach cruiser with the fat wheels on it. If anyone locally is selling that type bike then I am ready to buy.


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