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Mosquito Control After Hurricanes To Prevent Disease And Illness

Why is it important to do mosquito control after a hurricane? Tropical systems produce a lot of standing stagnant water within a humid environment which is the perfect breeding ground for disease and illness carrying mosquitoes.

Along the Caribbean, Gulf Coast, and Atlantic Coast during the hurricane season months, weather conditions are very hot and humid. And, because we’re talking about coastal regions, there are lots of ponds, streams, and rivers which have warm standing water.

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When you factor in a major hurricane which dumps another 8-10 inches of rain and then a foot or so of storm surge, you can expect cities and towns in areas affected by these storms to become massive breeding grounds for insects like mosquitoes.

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Aerial Spraying And Standing Water

For many living in the south, hearing trucks going through neighborhoods spraying is already a familiar sound and sight in the spring, summer, and early fall months.

But, the threat for illness and disease for humans and animals after a tropical storm or other system is exacerbated many times over which requires large scale measures which many cities and towns already have plans for.

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Here on the NC coast after Hurricane Florence in 2018, county and city officials were forced to hire a company to spray all land areas using aircraft to combat the problem.

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In addition to aerial spraying, city and county leaders encouraged residents to remove any standing water in their yards, gutters, and places known to pool water to help further fight the problem.

Of the 200 types of mosquitoes in the United States and U.S. locations, about 12 types spread germs known to cause malaria, encephalitis, West Nile, dengue, Zika, and 80 other known viruses and bacterial infections.

If your city or town has aerial and truck spraying as a normal part of their community and public services, you’re also encouraged to learn more about common adulticides which can be purchased to further protect your home, family, and pets after tropical systems.

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If your municipality or county doesn’t, and you live in a coastal region affected by hurricanes, it may be time to start writing to commissioners and mayors to consider doing so because if the trend for more frequent and stronger storms holds true, not only will insects become a considerable nuisance, it could cause you and a loved one a trip to the doctor for months of taking antibiotics.


While this article is written about standing water after a hurricane or tropical storm, this article does apply to other locations and regions which do not experience these types of systems. If you live in a warm and humid environment which sees a lot of rain, then consider eliminating stagnant water from places like gutters and other places near your home which collects water.

This will go a long way in the prevention to decrease the number of mosquitoes near your property.

We welcome any veterinarians who read this article to give their input on disease and illness that insects carry and can be transmitted to animals, along with any medical doctors who want to discuss human concerns for these insects.

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