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Wildlife Refuge And National Forest Information In Carteret County NC

Information and discussions centered around the Croatan National Forest in western Carteret County NC and the Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge in the eastern part of the county near down east. Readers are encouraged to subscribe to and leave comments about these two landmarks, as well as ask questions when visiting the area.

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Information we are specifically interested in relates to motels, hotels, RV parks, campgrounds, and other lodging near the areas, walking trails, historical references, hunting and fishing, educational programs, conservation, geography and terrain, and animals that live in natural habits in these areas.

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Aerial data and demographics
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This section is maintained for relevant information, data, and news we receive about the Croatan National Forest and Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge after publication.

Local Demographics, Data, And Resources

The Croatan National Forest (explore) is located in western Carteret County NC near Stella, Peletier, Cape Carteret, Bogue, and Newport. Major roads near this landmark are Highway 58, Highway 70, and Highway 24. While this NC forest covers 160,000 acres, only the southern portion is located in the county. A minor road known as 9 mile road that becomes Lake Road runs from Highway 24 to Havelock.

The local rangers station for this area is located on Highway 70 between Havelock and James City in Craven County.

This area is known for it’s saltwater marshes, bogs, pocosins, and pine trees and offers excellent opportunities for hiking, camping, trail walking, ATV riding, fishing and hunting, bird watching, and educational opportunities to learn about natural resources and habitats within forests that are near oceans.

The Newport River is a significant water resource that contributes much of the wetlands for the Croatan National Forest.

The Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge (explore) is located in eastern Carteret County NC along Highway 12 and the ferry system that takes people to Ocracoke Island.

This NC refuge is roughly 3,480 acres near the Pamlico Sound, Core Sound, and smaller bays that make up this region. This area is known for it’s very rural woodland habitat, saltwater pocosins, and marshes. Additionally, this area is significant for the number of migratory waterfowl and ducks that fly south for the winter. This area is also significant for the many species of shorebirds that live in the area.

Recreational opportunities for the Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge include kayaking, canoeing, bird watching, trail walking, camping, hiking, and remote wilderness exploration. The numbers of small waterways, creeks, and bays that exist near this area is astounding and makes it a virtual maze of waterways to learn about conservation, natural resources, and wildlife habitats.

Towns near this landmark include Cedar Island, Atlantic, Sea Level, Stacy, and Davis. All are unincorporated areas in the down east portion of the county.


Considering travel and tourism, what opportunities for lodging to include RV parks, campgrounds, motels, and hotels exist near these landmarks in Carteret County?

Considering hiking and trail walking, ATV riding, birdwatching, camping, fishing and hunting, canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, what significant information and data can you tell us about each of these landmarks? What questions do you have?

What types of ducks and shorebirds exist near the wildlife refuge in the eastern portion of the county?

What wildlife did you encounter when exploring the national forest in the western portion of the county?

Where are the rangers stations for the U.S. Forestry Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife located in these areas?

How far is each of these areas from Morehead City, Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, and Emerald Isle?

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