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Albemarle Sound NC Fishing, Tourism, Visitors Guide Information For Vacation

This is a reader and community maintained visitors guide and tourism resource for the Albemarle Sound along the Outer Banks of NC, and is meant for people planning a vacation or travel to the area. Readers are encouraged to subscribe and use the no registration discussion form below to add new information to this document, or to ask questions. We hope you will share this resource with family and friends on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so other people planning a vacation to this area can learn more.

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Local area information we’re interested in can include general things to do and places to see, information about surrounding cities and waterways, recreational activities centered around Albemarle Sound boating, kayaking, canoeing, and sailing. Other information can include lodging data on motels, hotels, RV parks, campgrounds, and bed and breakfast locations. Continuing, we’re considerably interested in inshore fishing information, commercial fishing, and links to area guides and charter boats. Lastly, we want more information and discussions on local area wildlife and nature viewing areas, hiking trails, wildlife refuges, navigation on this estuary, and other travel and vacation relevant data.

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Local Area Updates

This section will be populated with particularly relevant discussions on the Albemarle Sound from the discussion form below.

Local Area Things To Do And Places To See

This body of water is a large estuary along the northern Outer Banks, and is part of an ecosystem of smaller rivers, bays, creeks, and lakes.

Running east to west, surrounding towns include Nags Head, Kill Devils Hill, Kitty Hawk, Point Harbor, Weeksville, Nixonton, Hertford, Edenton, Colerain, Ashland, Merry Hill, Avoca, Mackeys, Pea Ridge, Plymouth, Winton, Columbia, the Palmetto-Peartree Preserve, Fort Raleigh City, and Manteo NC.

Smaller bodies of water include North River, Currituck Sound, Croatan Sound, Roanoke Sound, Pasquotank River, Big Flatty Creek, Perquimans River, Chowan River, Roanoke River, Bull Bay, and the Alligator River.

Significant landmarks include the Palmetto-Peartree Preserve, Emily and Richardson Preyer Buckridge Nature Reserve, Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, North River Game Land And Natural Viewing Area, and the Alligator River Game Land.

Significant highways and roadways include Highway 17 and Highway 64.

Running east to west and not including any branches, rivers, bays, or creeks, the distance is 56 miles. Running north to south and not including any rivers, bays, branches, or creeks, the greatest distance is 14 miles. This gives visitors 784 square miles of recreational area to enjoy.

Albemarle Sound NC is a considerable vacation and tourism destination for people around the world who visit the Outer Banks.

Commercial fishing and the harvesting of shellfish like clams, oysters, and shrimp have very strong ties to the culture, heritage, and traditions for families who live in the surrounding area.

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Travel And Visiting Discussions

Lodging Information On Hotels, Motels, RV Parks, Campgrounds, and Bed And Breakfast Inns

In this section, we want past visitors to Albemarle Sound NC communities and beaches to tell us about area hotels and motels, along with amenities, prices, and whether they are pet friendly. Additionally, we want to know about RV parks and campgrounds along with their amenities and pricing. What local bed and breakfast locations are available in communities?

Recreational Activities

Tell us about boating and sailing opportunities on this sound. Tell us about small creeks, bays, and rivers perfect for exploring marshlands, for photography, birding, and walking remote trails deep in maritime forests. Where are places to rent jet skis, go parasailing, and the best lifeguard protected beaches along this coastal waterway?

Nature And Wildlife

This sound has many natural viewing areas, preserves, and wildlife refuges in many communities surrounding this body of water. We’re interested in everything you have to tell us about these locations. We want to hear more about wildlife such as sea turtles, shorebirds, ducks, and other birds and marine mammals that make up this area’s ecosystem.

Fishing Information

Whether it’s commercial fishing, oystering, clamming, or catching shrimp, information about fishing piers, fishing from boats in this sound, or charter boats in the area, we want to know everything you know. What species of fish are typically caught on this body of water and what times of the year are perfect for each species?

Historical Landmarks

Whether it’s the commercial fishing history, indian tribes that lived along the Albemarle Sound in NC, or other historical landmarks in many of the small town locations, we want to know what you discovered.

Estuary Conservation And Habitats

This sound is a rather large estuary consisting of many interworking habitats and ecosystems, so we imagine there are very robust conservation efforts along the water, shorelines, and marshlands which make up this region. What unique efforts are in place to boost water quality, decrease stormwater runoff, and protecting the many species of wildlife which live along this waterway?

What questions or other information do you have about tourism related points of interest, things to do and places to see along this waterway? If someone is planning travel or a family vacation along the Albemarle Sound in NC, what recommendations do you have concerning lodging, vacation rentals, or specific communities to stay in?

What does this visitors guide need to make it more complete?

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