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Carteret County NC Businesses Are Closing Due To Coronavirus – Financial Hardships

In response to Carteret County NC businesses closing or offering reduced services and open times amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic currently affecting the state, we wanted to join other web publishers in offering a place for residents, employees, and business owners in Carteret County NC to place to add critical information and have ongoing discussions.

How you can help: 1) Share this document on the popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that others in the county can learn about this resource. 2) As you discover new information about a certain business closing, offering reduced hours of operation, or a decrease in services, along with information about local, state, and government agencies setup to help local businesses and employers, consider using the no-registration comment form below to publish information to this article.

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In early March, 2020, state health officials asked the public to start social distancing in an effort to decrease the infection rate with the COVID-19 coronavirus. This caused anxious and prudent people to spend less time in retail stores, bars, restaurants, and other local businesses and this ALONE had a significant impact on the economy and people’s lives in Carteret County NC.

As new cases in the State of NC continued to rise, Governor Roy Cooper issued an executive order to close all schools for 2 weeks on March 14. This second impact took more money out of parents pockets to find emergency childcare and especially hurt low income parents and children who found it challenging to feed children and provide medical care even under normal circumstances.

Then, on March 17, 2020, Governor Roy Cooper issued a second executive order prohibiting local restaurants and bars from serving dine-in customers and patrons inside buildings. Again, this was done to increase social distancing at places where it’s normal to see large gatherings of people.

As of March 19, 2020 when this article was published, there are currently a LOT of businesses in Carteret County NC that are operating at reduced hours, with reduced services, and with reduced employees.

The Crystal Coast Restaurant Workers Relief Fund was setup by Nelson Owens of Beaufort Wine And Food as a means of gaining public resources to help local restaurant workers after NC Governor Roy Cooper ended all dine-in services in the state.

Unfortunately, as the coronavirus cases in North Carolina continues to rise, we fear that an outright closure or inability for businesses to operate at all due to employee sickness, fear, or even a possible mandatory quarantine, things have the potential to get a lot worse.

And, amid the chaos of this virus, few people are considering the affects all of this could have on our local economy during the fast approaching tourist season when things could easily cause crisis level financial hardships and chaos.

Thankfully, local, state, and federal agencies are working very quickly to abate this crisis by offering unprecedented ways to help the public. The State of NC overnight made it much easier to get unemployment benefits, food assistance, free medical care and testing, childcare, and other economic and financial considerations.

Thankfully, Congress also appears ready to vote on a massive economic stimulus that could start putting real money in people’s hands soon.

However, at the local level, we have local businesses and local employees that need assistance during this pandemic now.

Therefore, I am encouraging readers to use the no-registration form below to bulk add new resources in Carteret County NC that become available to residents, employees, business owners, and other entities. There are still more people searching the global Internet than are using social media to find information.

Information we are especially interested in is:

Local businesses, churches, and residents that are offering to feed people, offering temporary shelter, and other supplies to meet basic necessities.

New local efforts for government and municipalities to help residents.

New and innovative ways that local restaurants, bars, and retail stores are adapting to serve the local community while still maintaining employment.

New and innovative ways to conduct business while social distancing.

New and innovative ways to safely help the elderly and other vulnerable populations during this crisis.

Social services options for help and assistance.

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  • March 21, 2020 at 4:35 pm

    All visitors at this time should not be allowed to come to our beaches until the virus threat is over here.


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