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Carteret County Homeschool Education Information And Discussions In NC

This is a request for information and discussion article on homeschool education requirements and outcomes in Carteret County NC. In this article, we are interested in hearing from parents, guardians, students, and even teachers from traditional schools on how a parent or guardian goes about legally homeschooling a child, how achievement tests are handled, how a parent goes about getting materials for teaching, and how advancement decisions are made on advancing to the next grade. Continuing, we’re interested in hearing how students who are considered exceptional children and have IEPs in place are served while being taught at home.

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Furthermore, we’re interested in hearing what state and government agencies in North Carolina oversee homeschooling, what curriculum options there area, or any efficacy concerns or praises you have. If your student was homeschooled in Carteret County NC, how did it prepare her or him for community college, the university setting, or other college?

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If a parent or guardian makes the decision on a homeschool education being the best way to go, what are the exact steps to getting started? What NC agencies or offices are used to start this process? How long does it take to get started from the day a parent or guardian decides to do this to the day you are following this curriculum daily?

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Where do parents and guardians get materials to teach? How are achievement tests handled and who oversees the achievement tests? Who makes the decision on grade advancement? Does the local school district have anything at all to do with testing? Are there any tutors in Carteret County NC that specifically deal only with students who are being homeschooled?

Aside from reading, writing, arithmetic, and science, what materials, curriculums, or instruction is available for enrichment learning like theater, music, and athletics? Are there any organized groups in the county who meet consistently so that students have some level of socialization and organized team building type learning?

How are things like IEPs handled, or when a student needs psychological testing and services that are usually handled by staff within a traditional school setting? What are the requirements on maintaining records of past work and tests?

If you as a parent or guardian chose this education option in the past, or you’re doing it now, what encouragement or recommendations do you have for other parents and guardians before getting started? If you are a parent or guardian who homeschooled in the past, what reservations do you have?

As a traditional school teacher, staff, or administrator, what concerns or praises do you have about this education choice?

What specific NC government legislation governs this education choice?

As a former student now in the community college, university, or other college setting, what praises or concerns do you have about being homeschooled and it effectively preparing you for higher education learning?

How has modern technology changed this education choice in NC when considering services like Zoom, Google Meet, and Google Classroom. What are some online and virtual technology that is specifically geared towards students who are being taught at home?

As a parent or guardian, what is the most succinct statement you can make on why you chose, or did not choose this option for your student?

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