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Carteret County Sailing Information In NC – Rentals, Schools, And Discussions

Discussion article on the best places to go sailing in Carteret County NC waters to include places to rent boats, schools to learn, and dock information for layovers for those enjoying trips up the east coast.

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We understand that the Beaufort Docks on Taylors Creek is a very popular port of call for those sailing to and from the Caribbean and Northeast. As someone who has docked at these facilities, what can you tell us about this area in Beaufort? What is the cost per day to dock, what eating and shopping opportunities are there locally?

If you are interested in learning more about boat building and visiting the area, we strongly encourage you to visit both the Maritime Museum and Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Museum to learn more about our coastal history and specialized watercraft used in waters along the Outer Banks.

Other than the Beaufort Docks on Taylors Creek, what are some other marinas in Carteret County NC that are good port of calls, and who have specialized accommodations for sailboats?

Considering Shackleford Banks, Cape Lookout, Bogue Banks, Core Sound, and various waterways on the Pamlico Sound, what are some good adventures for sailing along these banks?

Are there any businesses in the local area that offer sailboat rentals? Considering Beaufort, Morehead City, Harkers Island, Atlantic Beach, and Emerald Isle, where are these businesses located? What is the average price to rent a sailboat? What is the average length of time one can rent?

Given these locations, are there any private and public schools that teach people how to sail in waters along the Crystal Coast and Carteret County NC? Where are these schools located locally? What is the average length of time to complete a certification and what is the average cost to learn to sail? Are there any schools that cater to beginners and children?

Considering Beaufort NC along Taylors Creek and the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge, what are the waters like for amateur sailors, beginners, and for children learning? What special locations along this waterway that are a must see?

Considering Morehead City and Harkers Island, what are some specific locations that are a must see?

Considering Shackleford Banks (Island) and Cape Lookout, what are some specific things to look out for or consider when sailing these waters?

If on the waters of Carteret County, what are some businesses locally that respond to calls for distress, towing private boats back to the docks, and who specialize in repairs of sailboats? Where are these businesses located locally?

What specific waters in the county and along Core Creek, Cape Lookout, Atlantic Beach, and Emerald Isle that need specific experience and understanding of advanced navigation?

What specific accommodations exist for boaters along the Intracoastal Waterway, Newport River, and Pamlico Sound?

What are some barrier islands that are a must see for anyone visiting the area?

Are there any sailing clubs in the county?

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