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Carteret County Transportation In NC – Private And Public Services

Discussions and information centered on private and public transportation services in the Carteret County NC communities of Morehead City, Beaufort, Newport, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and areas down east near Harkers Island. This website is NOT affiliated with any providers, municipalities, or county government.

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Latest News

This section is maintained for local news information pertaining to transportation in the local communities as the county is expected to grow exponentially around the new Interstate 42 and local military installations at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point. News information will also center around new state and federal grants and funding that becomes available for private and public services.

CCATS County Funded Bus Service

CCATS ( Carteret County Area Transportation) is a local, state, and federally funded service that provides several layers of transportation for both the public and those on federal assistance. They can be reached at 252-240-1043. We will provide basic information about CCATS in this document, but readers are encouraged to call the main number for detailed information.

CCATS offers curbside and home pickup and delivery to specified locations within the county, and even offers riders return trip transportation. The cost to ride in the county ranges from $3 to $7 one-way depending on where you are going.

Riders must call the main number to register with the service, and call by 11 am each day to schedule a ride for the following business day. Riders must call within 30 minutes of arrival time to cancel.

CCATS public bus service is fully handicap accessible.

In addition to curbside home pickup and delivery, CCATS also provides what they call “Downtown And Around” shuttle service between Walmart in Morehead City to Beaufort via Bridges Street. This services provides public bus services every hour at each stop designated along Bridges St extension.

For residents on Medicaid and Medicare, CCATS offers out of county transportation for medical appointments, but riders must call 24 hours in advance. This area transportation provider also offers limited transportation to out of county areas.

Know of updated information or corrections needed? Please use the form below to alert us.

Uber And Lyft Ride Sharing Services

Uber and Lyft ride sharing services are available in Carteret County NC with consistent service in Morehead City, Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, and Newport. However, areas in down east near Harkers Island and Emerald Isle have limited drivers, if any in the off-season tourism season.

Taxi Services

Carteret Cab: 252-247-4600
Atlantic Beach Taxi: 252-240-3555
Old Town Taxi: 252-838-1277

All taxi services are operational 24 hours a day in Carteret County, but expect delays in pickup in areas down east and towards Emerald Isle in the off-season tourism season.

Ferry Boat Operations

Carteret County transportation services via state maintained and private ferry boat operations to Cedar Island, Shackleford Banks, Cape Lookout, and Portsmouth Island.

For all ferry boat operations to Ocracoke Island and Cherry Branch via Cedar Island, please call 1-800-BY-FERRY BUT PLEASE note that ferry departure times depend on the time of the year you are riding with these boats.

For pedestrian ferry service to Portsmouth Island, Shackleford Banks, and Cape Lookout

Island Express Ferry Service: 252-728-7433
Island Ferry Adventures: 252-728-4129

Commercial Airline Service

There is no commercial airline service in to our NC county.

Amtrak Train Service

Residents and visitors to Carteret County NC do have access to Amtrak train services daily leaving out of Morehead City by bus service, then catching Amtrak in Wilson NC. There is also a shuttle bus that transports people from Wilson back to Morehead City that is operated by Amtrak.


As stated in the opening of this document, as the Interstate 42 project and Havelock bypass comes online, we expect there will be a greater need for a public bus system especially in the most rural parts of the county and possibly to Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point. We also expect to see greater state and federal funding for small business growth related to taxi service, for the NC Ferry System, and our private ferry system.

I expect that we are still 8-10 years out before we see any commercial airline services in Carteret County NC.

Do you believe that a small business service providing transportation to and from Raleigh daily will develop along with a courier service to that region?

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