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NC Ford Used Cars For Sale – Make And Model Discussions

Page Information: This is a public forum on used Ford cars in NC and we’re encouraging readers to discuss various information related to each of the models below as it relates to current prices of used models, features found on each model, maintenance costs, recalls, parts, and any other information you think other readers want to learn.

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Older models will be added to the sections below as we receive information.

How to participate: Simply scroll down to the no registration form at the bottom and type out the relevant information you want to add to this page relating to which Ford model you want to discuss.

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Page Models: Focus (retired), Fusion, Mustang, Shelby, and Taurus.

Note: If you’re the owner of a NC for sale car (any county) and want to list your vehicle on this page, please use the contact us form in the menu and we can start that process. When contacting us, please have the year and model, mileage on the odometer, color, features of the car, VIN number, any payoff amount, and a statement on body damage and interior damage.

Carteret County Used Inventory

Ford Used Cars And Sales At NC Dealerships And Marketplaces

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While it was retired in 2000, there are still millions of Ford Focus models on the roads, and likely still being sold and bought. What information do you want to discuss about the Focus relating to parts associated with this model, associated maintenance records, and features the Focus came with?

New Bern Used Cars


The Ford Fusion is an active part of this manufacturer’s inventory and from reports we can see, the public is responding well to this car. If you were recently in the market for a used Fusion, what is the average price, standard features, and other information you want to discuss?

Do you have any information on the Fusion maintenance history? What would you recommend to someone thinking about buying this model used car?

Jacksonville Used Cars


Arguably, the Ford Mustang is the most popular model this manufacturer has and the GT model is just as popular for people who love it’s high performance engine and other features. If you recently bought a used Mustang, what is the average price in your location, and what’s some information you think our readers will want to know?

What are some things to consider when buying a Mustang?


The Ford Shelby SVT is one of my all-time favorite cars, so I’m hoping to hear from others on this model. What is the average price in NC for a Shelby? What can you tell us about maintenance, parts, restoration, and things to consider when buying this used model?

What features does the Shelby come standard with, and what upgrades are available?


If you’re a car person, you undoubtedly know that between the Mustang and Shelby, the Taurus is likely one of this manufacture’s most sold vehicles. There are Ford Taurus models everywhere, and it’s clear this design and reliability served the company well.

If you’ve bought a Taurus lately, what is the current average price, and what are the standard features that come with this model? And, it’s likely millions of Taurus models are available at dealership all over NC looking for owners given this model’s popularity.

Use the form below to talk with us about the retired Focus, the current Fusion, Taurus, and even much older models.

Online For Sale And Internet Discussions

What is your favorite online Internet based website to find used cars in NC? Do you primarily use Facebook Marketplace?

What are some challenges to finding financing for quality used vehicles?

Compared to other manufactures, do you think Ford cars in NC come with food features, prices, and other accessories?

What else do you want to discuss below?

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