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NC Lakes And Discussions On Clean Water, Runoff, Temperature, Fish Kills, And Pollution

We encourage readers to use this document as an ongoing community discussion thread on the environmental impacts of man-made pollution, stormwater runoff, fish kills, water temperature and quality, and mitigation efforts to bring about clean water and healthy ecosystems at NC lakes in the state.

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Readers are encouraged to use the no registration discussion form below to add information, ask questions, make statements, and provide other insights about this topic. Additionally, this article is a subordinate article related to climate change in the state.

If you’re a researcher, member of a non-profit or other organization, or professor related to a NC university system who is working on environmental hazards at local area lakes in NC and you want to comment using your official credentials, please CONTACT US and we will verify your accomplishments and add you an account on this website.

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Lakes And Environmental Issues

Using the topics below relating to NC lakes, when adding to the discussion please tell us which local lake you’re referring to and which city and county the area encompasses. Furthermore, please mention any agencies, organizations, and non-profits which are charged with responding to environmental hazards on bodies of water in the area.

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Runoff And Pollution

In addition to man-made pollution, stormwater runoff is a significant problem for area lakes. Defined as water which runs across impervious surfaces like rooftops, concrete parking lots, roads, and other surfaces and which does not soak into the ground, this water carries toxins and pollutants from urban areas into natural habitats where it can decrease water quality, kill fish, and impact other ecosystems which thrive off these waters.

Using the discussion below, tell us about waters close to your home and ways your local community is helping to mitigate stormwater runoff and man-made pollution.

Stormwater runoff can also be caused from flooding during hurricanes and tropical storms in populated areas.

County Living Shorelines Discussions

Water Temperature And Quality

As the Earth continues to heat up, so does water within lakes. This gradual temperature change is changing the natural ecosystems for many animals and wildlife which inhabit bodies of water from Western NC to Eastern NC. As water temperature rises, many animals migrate to other areas creating problems for other species of animals.

Higher water temperatures often causes large fish kills in freshwater, and impacts the breeding and spawning of fish within lakes.

Water quality is also degraded when saltwater from the coast begins to encroach on freshwater habitats and changes the natural environment for many species within lakes that sit closer to the coast. Saltwater encroachment often happens from storm surge moving up coastal rivers caused from hurricanes and tropical storms.

Fish Kills

In recent decades, conservationist noted many large fish kills in state lakes which resulted from toxins and pollution entering natural waters from farmlands and urban areas, from large algae blooms, or from other environmental conditions caused from water temperature or migration.

Using the discussion below, tell us about mitigation efforts within state lakes in your community which are designed to help fisheries and fish habitats.

Algae Blooms

State algae blooms are most often caused by excess phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbon coming together with warmer water to create dangerous conditions for fish habitats and other wildlife in the area.

Excess phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbon often enter natural waters from farmlands and other agricultural sources which are plentiful in NC.

Other State Water Articles

Clean water

Using the discussion form below, tell us ways in which your local community, conservationist, organizations, and wildlife biologist are working with the public to bring about clean water within natural bodies of water within the state.

Using the form below, what are some other statements, questions, and information you want to discuss about changing environmental conditions within NC lakes located in Western NC, the triad, and Eastern regions of the state as it relates to clean water, water quality, rising temperatures, fish habitats, and other wildlife concerns?


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