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Nelson Bay In Carteret County NC Near Core Sound, Stacy, and Sea Level

Discussions and information on Nelson Bay in Carteret County NC which is located along Core Sound on the southern Outer Banks near Stacy and Sea Level. Readers are encouraged to subscribe to our no registration discussion form below and have conversations with us and other readers on this local area.

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Additionally, we hope readers will ask questions about this area, and that locals will answer questions so that we can maintain a document covering all public interests along Nelson Bay. To achieve this, we hope you will consider sharing this article on popular social media sites like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.

This article is a continuation of our series covering NC coastal regions.

Local Information And Data
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Local Data, Demographics, And Public Interests

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Nelson Bay is a body of water in Eastern NC (Carteret County) that is a bay of the Core Sound which sits between the Cape Lookout National Seashore and communities in the down east area of the county. This body of water is in the 252 area code and the closest two communities are Sea Level and Stacy. Other nearby communities in the down east region include Atlantic and Davis.

This bay is roughly .86 miles in width running from east to west, and 3.22 miles in length running from south to north. This body of water quickly narrows where Highway 70 intersects with Highway 12 that runs to Cedar Island. This bay continues as a very narrow creek for another several miles where it connects with Golden Creek and Long Bay.

The distance across Core Sound to the Cape Lookout National Seashore is 3.7 miles. Core Sound connects directly with the Pamlico Sound near Portsmouth Island and Back Sound near Shackleford Banks.

Unique areas within Nelson Bay include Pasture Creek, Lewis Creek, Green Point, Broad Creek Point, Broad Creek, and Salters Creek which connects with Golden Creek.

The unincorporated town of Sea Level sits to the east of this bay, and Stacy is located to the southwest.

Highway 70 and Highway 12 are two major roads connected with this body of water.

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In this section we are looking for demographics and data that locals can give us, along with questions from readers who might be interested in visiting this body of water. Using the discussion form below, touch on topics relating to things to see and do on these waters, recreational fishing interest, whether the harvesting of shrimp, clams, and oysters by commercial fishing interest is allowed on this bay, and topics relating to recreational activities.

Where are public boat ramps located? Are there any boat ramps near Highway 70 and Highway 12?

Is Salters Creek navigation possible during low tide? What is the depth of Salters Creek and this bay?

What types of wildlife and nature lives along these waters when considering waterfowl, shorebirds, and other marine mammals?

Are there any hunting opportunities on this bay as it relates to duck hunting and deer hunting?

What are locals recommendations when kayaking or canoeing on this bay?

What does someone need to know about navigation when boating or sailing?

How far by boat is Cape Lookout, Shackleford Banks, Portsmouth Island, or the northern core banks across from Core Sound?

If someone is not familiar with this body of water, what does she or he need to know about weather conditions when navigating this bay, or spending the day kayaking or canoeing? View area current conditions.

Along the northern part of this bay where it dramatically narrows, are there historical references to this area flooding during a hurricane, tropical storm, or heavy rains? How does flooding affect Sea Level, Stacy, other areas down east in Carteret County, or Salters Creek?

What other information do you know, or what questions do you have about Nelson Bay?

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