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The Neuse River: From Falls Lake To Pamlico Sound In Eastern NC

Where is the Neuse River in Eastern NC? The Neuse is a 275 mile long natural resource that flows from Falls Lake north of Raleigh southeast near Smithfield, Selma, Clayton, Goldsboro, Kinston, New Bern, and finally terminating at the Pamlico Sound in Eastern NC.

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The goal of this article is for readers to discuss everything about this body of water using the no registration form at the bottom of this page. We want to know what types of recreation is involved on this river, what types of fishing takes place at different locations, what types of animals and wildlife ecosystems are found in this local area, other types of natural resources this body of water supports, if someone can travel by kayak, canoe, or boat from Falls Lake to the Pamlico Sound, where boat ramps are located in different cities, about flooding during tropical storms, hurricanes, and nor’easters, and anything else related to the Neuse River.

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275 miles in length
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River Basin And Natural Resources

Considering that this river begins at a lake 275 miles from the Pamlico Sound, it’s important to know this body of water likely starts out with fresh water, turns brackish as you head southeast towards the coast, and ends with water that is as salty as the Atlantic Ocean. Considering this, what types of fish are normally found at different locations?

Local Newport River

Widest distance: 6.90 miles near the mouth of the Pamlico Sound.

Shortest distance: 90 feet halfway between Kinston and Goldsboro.

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As you move towards the coast, is it typical to find shellfish such as oysters, clams, and shrimp? What other types of seafood are found near coastal locations? Is commercial fishing allowed between the Pamlico Sound and New Bern?

What are some well known flooding points during storms such as hurricanes, nor’easters, and tropical storms?

How is this river important to the economy of Raleigh, Clayton, Selma, Smithfield, Goldsboro, Kinston, New Bern, and coastal cities near the Outer Banks?

Adams Creek In Carteret County

Neuse River NC And Eastern NC Discussions

Is any part of this body of water part of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)?

Tell us more about the dam between this river and Falls Lake. How is it used to control flood levels during storms?

Considering tourism, what well known restaurants, motels, hotels, other lodging, RV parks, and campgrounds sit on the banks of this waterway?

Which counties does this waterway run through? We know it starts near Durham County and ends in Craven County in Eastern NC, but what other counties are along this route?

Local North River

Which national forests and state parks does this waterway run through?

What are some other lakes and rivers which branch or are apart of this waterway?

What types of migratory fowl and birds call this waterway home during different times of the year?

What types of mammals are found in this region?

What is some other information we didn’t publish in this article that someone visiting this region might like to know about the Neuse River in North Carolina?

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