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New Gallants Channel Bridge Replaces Old Grayden Paul in Beaufort NC

Information, discussions, and comments about the new Gallants Channel bridge in Beaufort NC continues after the video. The old Grayden Paul drawbridge went out of service in the Summer of 2018.

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Bridge Facts:

  • Estimated Cost: $66.4 million.
  • Start Date: March 2014.
  • Completion: 2019 – The bridge was operational to traffic in the summer of 2018 but there is still construction that will last until 2019.
  • Part of the I-42 Corridor Hwy 70 expansion.
  • Construction type: 65-foot fixed-span Bascule bridge.
  • Builder: Conti Enterprises, Inc.
  • Size: 3,395 feet.
  • Bike paths and pedestrian paths will be built in to the new bridge.
  • This project also created the Turner St bridge that you travel after leaving this bridge en route to the waterfront area and downtown.

Interstate 42 corridor information: NCDOT plan to expand as much Interstate traffic from Raleigh, NC to Cedar Island, NC (Hwy 70). Currently, bypasses are being built in several cities that sit between Raleigh and Beaufort.

Beaufort Interest
Discussions and Comments

The construction of the new Gallants Channel bridge in Beaufort NC is not without controversy. Many locals believe that the old Grayden Paul Bridge represented history, a way of life, and gave the town a “old times” feel that is essentially what draws tourist to this quaint coastal town in Carteret County NC. Beaufort is NC’s 3rd oldest town.

Carteret County NC Information.
The old bridge will be torn down (original proposals called for it to be locked in the upright position) and a town park will be erected to celebrate the man the old bridge was named after.

Additionally, others in this town do not like the idea of growth and expansion that an effective interstate between Raleigh and Cedar Island will bring.

bridge goes

However, others in the community welcome the growth and expansion as it likely will bring much needed renovations and upgrades to the community, along with new jobs.

This new bridge was named after the body of water ( Gallants Channel ) this infrastructure was built over. #ccvideoproject

NCDOT Information

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3 thoughts on “New Gallants Channel Bridge Replaces Old Grayden Paul in Beaufort NC

  • August 13, 2019 at 4:21 am

    I liked the old one because of history and it fit in with the historical importance of the town, but the new one is not turning out to be too bad now that I have traveled it. It is much easier to get to East Carteret High, maybe 2 to 3 minutes more to get to the historical district and waterfront but all and all I seem to be adapting.

    It sure beats waiting in line when the old one broke down.

  • November 14, 2018 at 11:55 am

    So how is the new bridge working out for you people at the beach?

    • November 14, 2018 at 12:02 pm

      It depends on who you are. I never feared for the waterfront businesses missing out on traffic because the only people that visit the waterfront are those that were going there anyway. Nobody just happened to be travelling through Beaufort and discovered the waterfront. So, regardless of the new bridge or old bridge, that won’t make a difference.

      Some fear that the new Gallants Channel represents what many fear here, and that is overwhelming population growth brought by the new Interstate 42 which the Gallants Channel is a part of. Many see our success as a quiet, small town, family beach town in jeopardy. Others welcome the impending new boom in business and growth.

      Now, having lived here all my life, I would like to see the old Grayden Paul drawbridge maintained as a park and left in the upright position rather than being dismantled because it is a very big part of county and Beaufort history.


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