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Newport Elementary School In Carteret County NC – Contact Information

Discussions and comments about Newport Elementary School in Carteret County NC continues below the video. Location: 219 Chatham St, Newport, NC, 28570 | Phone Number: 252-223-4201.

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Information on School Improvement Plan.

Staff and Contact Information
Address: 219 Chatham Street, Newport, NC 28570
Phone Number: 252-223-4201
Fax: 252-223-4107
Serves students grades Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade
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Public education school serving kids grades Kindergarten through 5th grade in Carteret County. The principal is Jody McClenny (Update). School hours are from 7:45am till 2:45pm with office hours extending till 4pm. The central office is located at 107 Safrit Dr, Beaufort, NC 28516 and their phone number is (252) 728-4583.

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Discussions and Comments

Tell us more about this school’s principal, assistant principal, and specific teachers that have enriched your child’s life and helped to meet their educational goals.

What is the school mascot and what sports programs exist at this elementary school? What grades did your child attend? Tell us about music programs and events that take place. What art programs do they have?

Does this school have a psychologist, resource officer, and nurse on staff? How are each instrumental in meeting the special education and safety needs of students?

Are there any after school programs or summer programs?

Does Newport Elementary have a “Meet the teacher” program each time a new school years rolls around? Do you have any information on supplies students need before a new school year?

What types of parent programs exist at this elementary school that work with staff and teachers to deliver a quality education and social structure for students? Tell us about any programs that assist families of vulnerable populations.

Are there any parent volunteer opportunities at this school? What about non-parent volunteer opportunities?

Tell us about parent student pickup and drop off in the morning and afternoon, what is the process?

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One thought on “Newport Elementary School In Carteret County NC – Contact Information

  • November 5, 2018 at 8:38 am

    I am sure that the staff and teachers are great and that kids are getting a good education. But this school needs some serious upgrades if not a new school outright. Also, if you are traveling the road right in front of Newport Elementary during the mornings or when the kids get off of school do not even think about doing even 1 mph over the speed limit.


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