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Is Newport NC A Good Place To Live For Families?

What are some good reasons to live in Newport NC? We think living in Newport is a good choice for families given it’s close proximity to local beaches, low crime, it’s small town feel, safe and small schools, and good prices on homes compared to other towns in Carteret County.

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Reasons Why Newport NC Is A Good Place To Live

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Cost To Live

While Carteret County NC is made up of about 14 incorporated and unincorporated towns, this community offers new residents great options on cost of homes, while still providing a small town feel, country living, and plenty of land. It’s also important to note that while this community has a small feel, it’s proximity to Cherry Point and very rural areas, and it being along the Interstate 42 corridor (future), means this area is expected to grow very fast which is great news for real estate investors.

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Close To Area Beaches, Without The Cost Of Waterfront Property

If you enjoy local beaches, but the cost of waterfront property is not within your budget, then this town is a great option for new residents. This is especially true if you want to enjoy the beaches and then escape the crowds to live. Depending on which area you chose within this location, many areas will be very rural offering people who enjoy owning land a great opportunity to own property within a 10 minute drive of the ocean.

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Low Crime

The low crime rate in this area applies to all locations in the county, not just Newport, NC. But, this community does see less crime compared to many local areas within the borders of this region.

Great Schools

Here is one of the top reasons that Newport is a great place to live and move to for families with school age children. Our local schools consistently rank in the top 3 out of 100 counties in testing scores and graduation rates.

Access To Larger Towns

Newport is very convenient to both Jacksonville NC (via Highway 24) and New Bern (via Highway 70) which are both larger cities offering lot’s of shopping, entertainment, and other amenities. The time to drive to each of these locations is about 20-30 minutes.


If you currently live in Newport, or you’re considering moving to this area, please tell us if you agree with this document, or where we missed the mark. What are some other reasons to live locally that we missed? What do you think should be removed and why?

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