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Newport NC Growth And Development: Population, Business, Economy, Building

Are you ready for explosive growth and development in Newport NC in the way of population, new business, residential and commercial building, and an economy that works for your family? Well guess what, it’s about to happen and it’s right around the corner. Actually, you may see signs of it already around town.

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What is about to change? The new Interstate

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On August 2nd, 2019, the NCDOT and a contractor out of Wilmington NC announced that work on the new interstate bypass around Havelock is set to begin in September of 2019 and be completed in 2024. We believe this announcement sent a message to others in the State of North Carolina that the Newport NC area especially is about to see tremendous growth and a potential for booming population.

Why Newport? In the announcement on the new interstate, the design of the new four lane highway that will directly lead from Raleigh NC will end right at the Carteret County and Craven County line. This means that as the county grows fast with this new development, an entire population of new transient workers, tourist, and residents will be fed directly in to town.

People who study local rural economies predict that Newport will see new residential and commercial construction, business startups, technology and aviation jobs at Cherry Point as this military installation is about to get much bigger.

We predict that in ten years, as the completion of the entire bypass system around cities that lie directly between Morehead City and Raleigh, you will see the entire stretch of Highway 24, Highway 70, and Mill Creek Road under massive development.

Areas around Hibbs Road, Nine Foot Road, Nine Mile Road, Tom Mann Road, and especially Lake Road will be under heavy growth as Cherry Point expands their operations.

As new businesses pour in to the town, so will new technology, and new workers.

Small businesses especially will be under the gun to ramp up their services and products as big brand businesses sink their teeth in to the area.

One only needs to look at Wilmington and the Impact Interstate 40 had on that area and surrounding communities. Newport NC is set to be the first stop coming off the new bypass in Havelock and a lot of attention is about to be focused on this small rural town.

Is your business ready? As a developer, home builder, and contractor, are you ready?

Projections are that Cherry Point will double in size, how will this affect hotel and motel building, new homes, stores, medical care, law enforcement, fire, EMS, and other human services in the area?

Secondary roads in the town will also have to be upgraded.

Clearly, new schools will have to be built and existing one’s upgraded.

Using the comment system below, and after sharing this article on social media, give us your thoughts on economic growth and development in town. What does the future look like for rural areas in Carteret County?

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One thought on “Newport NC Growth And Development: Population, Business, Economy, Building

  • August 10, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    More than likely you will still see Morehead as being a business center that big box brands will gravitate to leaving Newport to only see residential construction, and a lot of it. I just do not see a national brand developing commercially in the town.

    I think with all the new residential development, starting a small business in Newport would be great if the owners and staff utilized modern marketing and gave it their all.


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