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Newport NC Residential Home Cleaning Services Discussions

In regards to Newport NC residential house cleaning services, we’re interested in hearing from homeowners, rental property owners, and renters about local area companies who provide these services in the town.

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Service Area

As a company interested in ongoing growth and development in the Newport NC area, including other municipalities in the county, our research shows that homeowners and renters are beginning to utilize home cleaning services more frequently and we want to figure out if it’s related to a new population moving in to the area from Interstate 42 growth and military growth, or from existing residential residents who’ve lived in the area for awhile.

Newport NC Cleaning Services And Company Questionnaire

Considering the following cleaning areas, which one as a homeowner, or renter, have you used in the past, or would consider hiring out for today?

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  • Deep cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen area only.
  • Windows, including inside and outside.
  • Linens, clothes, and bed sheets while services are being provided.
  • General including dusting, vacuuming, moping floors and disinfecting hard surfaces.
  • Kid’s play areas only.
  • Garage or work shed areas.
  • All of the above.

Regarding Insurance and being bonded:

  • You would only hire a cleaning company that has insurance.
  • You would only hire one that is bonded.
  • You would only hire one that has both.
  • Neither is mandatory.

For Homeowners, Rental Property Owners, And Renters

Renovation, Remodeling, And Upgrades

What local companies and businesses have you worked with in the past, and what is the average cost for cleaning in Newport? Is the cost based on the square feet of the home, number of rooms serviced, or amount of time it takes workers to complete the job?

Did the company you worked with bring all cleaning solutions and equipment, or did you provide them? Was there a discount offered when you provided supplies?

Do any local companies offer discounts when homeowners or rental properties do long-term contracts for weekly or monthly services?

For Cleaning Companies

Cleaning In Carteret County

Are there any permits required to offer these types of services in Newport NC? What is the process to get bonded and insured by the town?

Do you offer any online booking for clients? Ability for clients to pay online?

Do you offer any discounts for veterans or active duty military?

Do you offer free estimates and how is the cost decided to clean a home?

Are MSDS documents available to clients who ask for them?

What is the ratio for clients that require move in versus move out services of rental properties?

Are discounts offered to clients who bring in verified referrals?


Again, as a company interested in continued growth and development in the county, we’re very interested in hearing from businesses and consumers about these types of residential services in the town, and anything else you want to provide about home cleaning in the Newport NC community.

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One thought on “Newport NC Residential Home Cleaning Services Discussions

  • November 21, 2021 at 8:46 am

    I live on the Highway 24 side of Newport NC and used house cleaning in the past for areas of the kitchen, bathrooms, and all windows inside and out. To me, this is the most economical way to go.


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