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Nine Foot Road Information In Newport NC And Carteret County

Community maintained traffic, accidents, construction, and closures data and demographics on Nine Foot Road in Newport NC and Carteret County. Readers are encouraged to share this resource on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so others can join the conversation and learn about this local area. Readers can also subscribe to and input new data for this location by using the discussion form below. We will then add relevant breaking news information below.

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Information and questions we hope to receive about Nine Foot Road in Newport NC includes reporting of automobile and truck accidents, planned NCDOT closures and construction, heavy traffic, intersecting streets and highways, flooding, and closures from forest fires in the Carteret County area. Additionally, we’re interested in learning local residents thoughts on growth and development near this road as the Havelock bypass and Interstate 42 inch closer to reality.

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News Reports

This section will be updated with news reports and local information as it happens on Nine Foot Road. Or, visit our countywide local news page.

Traffic, Closures, Accidents, Construction, Demographics

This 3.82 mile rural road, also known as State Road 1124, extends from Highway 70 in Newport and terminates at the intersection of 9 Mile Road and Lake Road. This roadway runs through mainly residential neighborhoods, but near the Highway 70 intersection there are commercial businesses consisting of a grocery store, fast food, bank, retail stores, and gas stations.

Law enforcement agencies responsible for traffic and automobile accidents include the Newport Police Department, N.C. Highway Patrol, and Carteret County Sheriff’s Department. Historically, this road has a higher than average amount of accidents.

Some intersecting streets include Croatan Drive, Kings Chase, Quinn Loop Rd, Rams Horn Rd, Holly Springs, Masontown Rd, Howard Rd, Gray Squirrel Lane, Parker Court, Old Fashioned Way, and Hilltop Road.

Notable businesses at the intersection of Highway 70 include Food Lion, Handy Mart, Bojangles, First Citizens Banks, Subway, China Garden, Dominoes Pizza, and A&M Storage.

This road is significantly traveled by people coming from Highway 24 to Newport NC.

There is only one traffic light on Nine Foot Road at the intersection of Highway 70.

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Local Area Discussions

How active are NCDOT road closures due to repaving, other construction, and forest fires on this roadway?

How routine are automobile and truck accidents, and other wrecks on this road? Are there any stop signs or other cautions for people traveling this area? Is this roadway well lit at night and have good pavement markings?

What is the speed limit on Nine Foot Road? Are closures due to forest fires significant?

We surmise that the Newport Police Department responds to wrecks near Highway 70, but who responds to accidents further down this route towards 9 mile Road and Lake Road?

What subdivisions are located along State Road 1124?

Is flooding a significant hazard for this roadway?

As a resident of a home along this route, what could be done by the Town of Newport, NCDOT, or county to make this roadway safer for other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclist?

What other information about Nine Foot Road in Carteret County can you offer? What questions do you have?

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