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Nine Mile Road Information In Newport NC And Carteret County – Traffic, Accidents, Neighborhoods, And News

Nine Mile Road information to include accidents and wrecks, traffic, news, subdivisions, homes, and other information for the Newport NC and Carteret County community. Readers are encouraged to use the discussion form at the bottom to send us news information on wrecks, accidents, and fire information as it happens. Readers can also subscribe to comments and replies to get immediate email alerts on new discussions.

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9 mile road information

This section will be populated with after publication news information on 9 mile Rd as it happens and will feature information about forest fire reports, wrecks and accidents, new development and growth in the Newport NC area, new subdivisions, traffic, and other reports.

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Intersections: Highway 24, Rolling Wood Drive, Croatan Colony Drive, State Road 154, Sam Hatcher Road, Gates Creek Rd, State Road 1112, Sammons Rd, Southwest Dr, Roberts Rd, George Jones Rd, Anna Wink Rd, Brynita Lane, Bell Farm Rd, Bur Oaks Blvd, Nine Foot Rd, and Lake Rd.

Law Enforcement, EMS, and Rescue: Western Carteret Fire and Rescue, Carteret County Sheriffs Department, N.C. State Highway Patrol (State Police).

Subdivisions: Rollingwood, Pender Park Campground, Croatan Colony, Town of Newport NC, Sammons S/D, Nine Mile Estates, Anthony West Division, George Jones Properties, Bur Oaks Subdivision, and Vickie & Michael Butters.

Closest Highway: At the intersection of Highway 24.

Noted Landmarks along 9 Mile Rd: Croatan National Forest.

Schools: Carteret County Schools, Croatan High School, Bogue Sound Elementary, Broad Creek Middle School, and Newport Middle School.

Economy: Rural, locally owned small business.

Growth And Development: 9 mile Rd is located in a primarily residential, rural single family home area with some land used for RV parks and campgrounds. However, as Interstate 42 and the Havelock bypass get closer to completion, there is considerable likelihood that land along this route will be developed with new homes and construction.

Speed Limit: Mostly 55 mph, but in places 45 mph.

Accidents and Wrecks: 9 mile Road has a significant past with automobile accidents and fatal crashes due to it’s narrow lanes and winding roads where people tend to speed.

Special precautions: There are no military vehicles allowed along this route. N.C. Forestry Service activity during fires.


What is the average cost of single family homes in this area?

Are there any apartment complexes?

What is the average cost for land that is for sale?

Other than Bogue Sound being nearby, are there any significant bodies of water along this route?

What information can you tell us about schools in this area?

We know that a significant portion of this road runs through the Croatan National Forest, is it typically closed when there is controlled burns or forest fires in the area? How often is this road affected by forest fires? For flooding?

Why is this road closed to military vehicles?

What small businesses exist along this route?

Do you foresee the cost of homes and value of existing homes going up as the Havelock Bypass and Interstate 42 being completed?

Please remember to use the discussion form below to alert us to time sensitive information along this road.


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