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North River Information In Carteret County NC

This article is focused on North River NC information for Carteret County residents and visitors and will also focus on area data, news, weather, and other information about this local area in the county.

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Local Area News

This section is maintained for local news information pertaining to the North River area that we learn after publication. However, readers can view our countywide news reports to get up-to-date news happening in other municipalities.

North River NC Information, Data, News, And Discussions

North River is a prominent body of water that runs roughly 9.7 miles north to south and 5.4 miles east to west and sits between Beaufort NC and down east communities in eastern Carteret County. Generally speaking, this body of water extends from it’s intersection with Back Sound near the Rachel Carson Wildlife Reserve and Estuarine and continues to a network of narrow branching sets near the unincorporated area of North River on Route 1300 which locally is known as Merrimon Road.

Considering it’s width, this body of water runs from Beaufort NC to Otway where it again narrows into several small branches.

Because this body of water separates Beaufort NC and places like Harkers Island, The Straits, Otway, and Bettie, this area can be considered the gateway to down east.

Major roads: Highway 70, and Route 1300 (Merrimon Road).

Communities: Beaufort NC, Otway, Bettie, Straits, Harkers Island and the unincorporated residential area of North River.

This tidal estuary has two bridges on Highway 70, one being the North River Bridge in Bettie and a smaller span in Otway NC. Other minor roads include Harkers Island Road that intersects with Highway 70.

Connected bodies of water: The Straits near Harkers Island, Back Sound near Shackleford Banks, Taylors Creek near Beaufort and the Rachel Carson Wildlife Reserve, Goose Bay near Straits, South Leopard Creek near Straits, Ward Creek near Otway, Crabbing Creek near Merrimon Road, and Thomas Creek, Fulcher Creek, Newby Creek, Gibbs Creek, and Davis Bay near Beaufort.

This body of water is located in the 252 area code and the zip codes of 28516 and 28531 within Eastern NC and fed by the Pamlico Sound, Atlantic Ocean, and Core Sound directly.

Map and weather information: This link shows the sharp narrowing of this river around the unincorporated residential area near Merrimon Road and shows why this area is under considerable threat to major flooding during tropical systems and heavy rains. View local weather information for this local area, and using the discussion form below tell us how local weather events are directly related to major flooding along the roads and creeks along this river.

This link shows the sharp narrow branching of this river near Otway which again shows considerable threat of flooding for this community when water rises from tropical storms, hurricanes, or prolonged heavy rains.

This link shows the intersection of North River NC with Back Sound near Steep Point.

Recreation: As stated above, this body of water runs through many communities from Beaufort to down east communities and contains hundreds of small branches, bays, and creeks that offers many recreation activities from boating and sailing, to duck hunting, kayaking, canoeing, bird watching for the many shorebirds of area, inshore fishing, and harvesting of shellfish such as clams, shrimp, and oysters.

This river and the communities down east have a steeped tradition connected to commercial fishing and the harvesting of shellfish and shrimping.


From a local perspective, what can someone visiting this area learn about the many small local communities that sit along this body of water, and it’s many branches in to creeks and bays?

Where are public boat ramps that someone can use to launch a kayak, canoe, or boat in to this river?

What areas are open to duck hunting, and offer great experiences for inshore fishing?

What types of marine wildlife live along this body of water?

Tell us more about the relation to North River in Carteret County NC and it’s roots, culture, and heritage to commercial fishing and shrimping in the area?

What efforts are being utilized by the county to mitigate flooding in unincorporated residential areas along this river?

What are some prominent landmarks in the local area?

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