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Ocean Ridge Dr In Atlantic Beach NC And Carteret County

Primary discussions about the street in Atlantic Beach NC and Carteret County called Ocean Ridge Dr which sits between the oceanfront sand dunes of the Atlantic and Highway 58 along Bogue Banks. Readers interested in discussing information and data about this road can use the comments form below to add data to this resource. Additionally, we hope you’ll share this resource on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so others interested in this place can add information.

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Data we hope to receive questions about and information on Ocean Ridge Dr can include road closures and construction, traffic accidents, and future development and growth of residential properties and vacation homes which primarily make up this thoroughfare. Continuing, we hope to hear from local residents and homeowners about the median cost of home ownership along this route.

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Local News

This section will be populated with particularly relevant discussions on Ocean Ridge Dr from the discussion form below.

Residential And Vacation Homes

It should be noted this road is an extension of West Atlantic Blvd and changes names about 1/2 mile from the Atlantic Beach circle near the 518 block. This thoroughfare is a 2 lane paved road extending east to west for 1.06 miles before intersecting with Highway 58 near the Coral Bay Club.

There are no traffic lights along this route and traffic is controlled by only 2 stop signs. The speed limit is 25 mph and traffic enforcement is under the authority of the Atlantic Beach police and state patrol.

The community along this drive is primarily residential properties and vacation homes and there are no commercial businesses with an address along this route. This road does support a row of large oceanfront homes in the western part of the town.

Information we’d love for someone to tell us about is the percentage of homes in this community designated as a 2nd home used for vacation and is not occupied year-around versus those which are primary homes occupied year-around.

Intersections include Highway 58, Sandridge Dr, Talford Dr, and W Atlantic Blvd.

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Public Discussions

As Bogue Banks grows from an influx of new tourism population related to Interstate 42, what does the future development of this road look like? How might climate change affect homes located along the waterfront, or how might things change as tropical storms and hurricanes become stronger or more frequent?

What’s your best guess on the percentage of 2nd homes versus primary homes along this road?

What’s the median prices of homes located along this street? What might the cost of home ownership look like 15 years down the road after the new population arrives?

What are some significant cautions when driving this route? Is this road a significant flooding hazard after heavy rains, storms, or hurricanes?

In your opinion, does this thoroughfare need more stop signs or a change in speed limit? Is this street a significant place for car and truck accidents?

What questions or new information do you have about Ocean Ridge Drive in Atlantic Beach NC which we did not cover in this resource?

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